Case Studies:

Australian Government Department of Defense

“Within two hours Cyara had built a test system, stepped me through the basics and I was ready to go. If I could get the rest of my vendors to do this, life would be so much easier!”
Luke Johnston, Business Integration Coordinator

Cyara Helps Service Center Reduce Call Time by 15%


  • Turned to Cyara to test a new speech recognition system
  • Cut talk time by 15%
  • Reduced call length by 73 seconds
  • Found bugs other testing systems did not find
  • Net outcome: better, faster service to a broad range of customers


The Australian DoD provides a broad range of services through its contact center – from defense force recruiting to help lines around holidays and pay, even library services and technical support for applications. In the past, it relied heavily on skills-based routing to implement interactive voice response systems, which met with limited success. The organization wanted to make it easier for callers to specify their need and receive the right response, right away.


The Australian DoD center decided to build a speech recognition system that would enable callers to state the nature of their inquiry so it could provide more accurate routing to agents with the skills needed to respond to an inquiry. It selected the Cyara Platform to help implement the speech recognition engine, find and fix bugs in the software that powered its new IVR, and for load testing to ensure capacity meets requirements at all times.


Cyara’s testing software has made the speech system more accurate, helped the Center scale to cope with traffic spikes, assisted in the deployment process, and delivered certainty about the Center’s capabilities to management. The net result: Cyara’s input to the speech recognition system has reduced average talk times by 73 seconds, making calls to the Center 15% faster.

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