Case Studies:

Leading Canadian Bank

“The combination of the speed at which developers were able to use the Cyara platform, the flexibility of the platform in terms of scheduling load tests and scheduling different activities, and the savings in terms of dedicated test resources made the Cyara platform a winning proposition. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have the opportunity to utilize Cyara earlier in our development cycle,”
Arthur Gomes, IBM Managing Consultant

Cyara Teams Up to Provide a Better Customer Experience for a Leading Canadian Bank


The client is one of Canada’s top banks with an award winning mobile app and website. The Canadian bank has a strategic goal: to become one of the Top 10 service organizations in the world. Complete replacement of their IVR, email, chat and other self-service systems with fully dynamic, customized self-service within a one-year timeframe was an important strategy to obtain their goal. The bank also had a need for high security for their systems, particularly for backend calls to financial applications. They also needed the ability to manage up to 5 call attempts per second.


Cyara was brought Cyara into this project to address these challenges:

  • Reduce the risk of errors in the production system when the development project went live
  • Ensure that the system was able to meet the load of 5 call attempts per second
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated testing team with an easy-to-use tool where scenarios can be shared
  • Deliver a system with no compromise: a fully dynamic IVR system with fully functional capacity


Cyara’s automated testing was particularly useful given the project’s  tight timeframe. “My teams are asked more and more how to do Agile development. Cyara’s methodology fits in with the Agile mindset. The Cyara platform gives you a way to approach this from the perspective that the effort you’re putting into the development of the test cases becomes the test case itself. You build the test case in Cyara, and it becomes the performance test and a way to actively monitor. That’s the true value proposition,” said the project manager.


  • Dramatic risk reduction for new IVR deployment.
  • Enabled Agile development methodology.
  • Allowed reallocation of 50-75% of staff from listening to voice prompts.
  • Allowed developers to simplify and easily test the IVR system.
  • Reduced the number of defects that went into the production system, identifying even rare case scenarios.
  • Enabled any change to be retested immediately for all load and regression testing scenarios.

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