Case Studies:

US Retail Energy Leader

“We had a 13-month timeframe to complete the entire effort, which was originally scoped for 15 months. We would have never met this timeline without the use of automation and the Cyara Platform.”
Call Center Technology Manager, Retail Energy Leader

Automated Customer Experience Testing Speeds Major Consolidation Project and Improves the Customer Experience


  • Selected Cyara and automated customer experience testing to shave 2 months from an unmovable consolidation deadline
  • Went from 23 million calls a year to 43 million
  • Consolidated technology platforms and customer service processes to create a new customer experience
  • Estimated savings of $396,000 during UAT testing alone


A large retail energy leader in the United States had a monumental challenge as the result of a consolidation. For this energy leader, a service outage was unacceptable, and the ultimate goals were to gain efficiencies, grow revenue, and provide a better customer experience. In addition to almost doubling the number of customer calls, this corporate transformation added customers in one new state and three new call centers to those already served. In total, they now had four internal and two outsourced sites on one platform and three new sites on a different platform. These sites were consolidated to seven sites spread across four states.


The company selected the Cyara Platform for load testing, functional testing, and customer experience monitoring. They chose Cyara because they knew that automated testing was essential to meet a 13-month deadline for a project that was scoped for 15 months. Using Cyara for all automated customer experience testing, they increased their number of Test Cases from 240 to 4,500 that they rapidly developed and continue to use to regression test all changes to their system. They also use the Cyara Cloud to seamlessly test their system at design load. Following the consolidation, they also added Cyara Outbound Voice testing.


  • Reduced troubleshooting efforts in the pilot phase by 80%
  • Saved $396,000 in personnel and time for user acceptance testing
  • Grew coverage from 240 to 4,500 Test Cases for regression testing
  • Reduced regression testing from 2 weeks to under 24 hours
  • Shortened project timeline by two full months

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