Case Studies:

Walsh Media

“Cyara helps prevent the most expensive IVR errors, where a customer can’t navigate effectively or even worse, simply hangs up in frustration and goes to the competitor.” Tim Walsh, President, Walsh Media


  • Provides an objective measurement of a “quality” voice prompt
  • Gets customers the fastest automated service possible
  • Avoids the need for error recovery
  • Ensures voice prompts are paced appropriately
  • Benchmarks against industry practices


Walsh Media, leaders in contact center persona design and script consulting, wanted to find an objective way to measure the probability of a customer understanding a voice prompt. “How you say something, the order in which you say it and the tone all come into play,” said Walsh. “ Something as simple as giving too many options can mean customers simply ask for an agent. In addition to that, you have the persona, that is, do I “like” the automated voice used for the prompt, and does it fit the image the caller has for the company and application they called. Finally, there is the technical aspect of whether the voice speaks at a pace and with clarity that can be understood.”


Walsh Media uses Cyara to quantitatively verify improvement in the performance of an IVR. For customers who recognize that the quality of their IVR can dramatically impact their costs and customer retention, Cyara’s reports show them real time what is happening with the customer experience.


  • Provides proof of the value for investing in Walsh Media services
  • Provides customers with confidence in their competitive advantage
  • Allows organizations to empirically immediately assess their IVR effectiveness
  • Provides the ability to compare different customer journeys
  • Improves the offering Walsh Media provides for customers

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