Certification @ Cyara Academy

Certification provides industry-standard recognition of your achievements and experience. It also provides you with an advantage over your fellow industry colleagues, and customers can rely on your commitment to become internationally recognized in your chosen field. The Cyara Academy currently offers the certifications below. Click on the link below each description to discover the qualification criteria for each certification.


Cyara Certified Consultant

The Cyara Certified Consultant (CCC) program is ideal for professionals who are engaged in the Customer Experience (CX) Testing Industry and regularly use the Cyara Platform. Level 1 certification recognizes your proficiency with Cyara based on the relevant testing stream you are involved in, such as IVR Application Testing, Contact Center Platform Testing, Platform Monitoring, or Outbound Testing.

Level 2 certification provides you with the additional expertise in Cyara Virtual Agent (CVA) emulation and Voice Quality Testing.

Note that those who are aiming to obtain the Cyara Certified Architect certification must successfully complete all streams/courses within the Consultant program.

Cyara Certified Consultant Qualification Criteria


Cyara Certified Platform Administrator

The Cyara Certified Platform Administrator (CCPA) program is ideal for professionals who are responsible for an on-premises Cyara Platform or will be engaged in providing Platform Administrative support to other Cyara users within their company.

There are three (3) Certificate Levels; Level 1 certification focuses on general Platform Administration, whereas Level 2 focuses on the Platform deployment/upgrade of a standard Cyara platform. Level 3 is an Advanced course that covers the installation/upgrade of complex Platform components.

Note that those who are aiming to obtain the Cyara Certified Architect certification must successfully complete all courses required to achieve Level 2 Platform Administration certification.

Cyara Certified Platform Administrator Qualification Criteria


Cyara Certified Architect

The Cyara Certified Architect (CCA) program recognizes the comprehensive skillset achieved through successfully completing all the courses within the Consultant program and Level 2 within the Platform Administrator program. Combined with industry experience, you will be internationally recognized as a Cyara domain expert and will be able to design, deploy, test, and analyze CX platforms using mainstream Cyara products.

Cyara Certified Architect Qualification Criteria


Cyara Certified Guru

The Cyara Certified Guru (CCG) program is the highest level of certification available at the Cyara Academy. Over and above Cyara Certified Architects, CCG resources will have extensive industry experience in CX and will also be capable of deploying and testing all advanced Cyara products, including bidirectional Voice Quality testing with emulated Agents, Audio Generation Devices (AGDs), emulated Endpoints, and SNMP functionality.

Cyara Certified Guru Qualification Criteria

Certifications will be recognized for the specific major release of the Cyara Platform at the time. Certifications must be revalidated for each major release via a bridging course and assessment. Further details will be provided when applicable.