Case Studies:

Thirty-One Gifts

“Cyara helped us discover capacity issues during load testing which meant we avoided negative outcomes.”
Chuck Sunker, Manager, Consultant Support Systems

Thanks to Cyara, No Busy Signals for 80,000 Home-Based Consultants at Fast-Growing Thirty-One Gifts


  • Direct sales fashion and accessory company chose Cyara for load testing
  • Testing with the Cyara Platform identified that only half of port capacity was operational
  • Quick resolution of call routing issue eliminated busy signals from thousands of consultants
  • Caller frustration and potential order delays were minimized
  • Routing strategies improved, confirmed by higher calls-per-second metric


Thirty-One Gifts is one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies in the United States, with a network of over 80,000 sales consultants. To support its growth, the company upgraded to a new Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based contact center routing platform and grew port capacity from 300 concurrent calls to 1,000 concurrent calls. However, during the testing phase, the company discovered only half of its port capacity was operational due to a configuration issue, which could have led to busy signals and an inability to provide order support to the consultants.


Thirty-One had implemented the Cyara Platform for load testing to validate the new platform infrastructure. Through testing with Cyara, the company uncovered and was able to rectify the configuration issue. “With our expanded capacity, we were able to avoid any order delays or financial impact to our consultants, which is always a crucial objective for our group. Cyara helped us discover capacity issues during load testing which meant we avoided negative outcomes,” said Chuck Sunker.


The Cyara Platform saved Thirty-One additional overhead in time and money on every call. In addition, with the Cyara Platform, Thirty-One’s calls-per-second (CPS) metric was also much lower than anticipated. “We were able to make changes in the routing strategies and in our systems improve performance,” said Mr. Sunker. “In hard dollars Cyara surely pays for itself. But in soft dollars, how valuable is it that a customer doesn’t get a busy signal? We view it as mission critical.”

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