Case Studies:

NAB – Virtualization

“Cyara gave us certainty in knowing our intended customer experience could now be verified, not from our viewpoint looking out, but from the customer’s viewpoint looking in.”
Graham Cronin, Head of Network Services

NAB Uses the Cyara Platform in Australia’s Largest
Contact Center Virtualization Project


  • Used Cyara to help move 36 contact centers to one virtualized platform
  • Automated testing to cut the risk of customer service impact
  • Gained new insights that helped continuously improve the customer experience
  • Slashed the cost and risk of migrating customer-facing applications
  • Quickly found and fixed potential issues with call progress before they impacted customers


NAB’s contact center infrastructure was operating on nine different networks and on diverse, legacy IVR and telephony platforms, increasing complexity and expense while limiting flexibility. In addition, opportunities in mobile technologies and a push for the lower support and maintenance costs of a single technology stack were driving the move to a consolidated, centralized, virtual platform for NAB’s contact center infrastructure.


NAB uses the Cyara Platform for customer and agent testing of speech, voice biometrics, CTI, call routing, outbound, load and regression testing, and production monitoring. Cyara also provided pre- and post-migration baselines for the virtualization project to give NAB new insights into the performance of the contact center environment. With Cyara, NAB could centralize and automate the entire testing process while accommodating the needs of individual business units. Cyara also provided support services that ensured the deployment occurred on time, on budget, and worked exactly as expected.


By selecting Cyara, NAB was able to consolidate its 36 contact centers, automate end-to-end testing, cut costs, and streamline efficiency – all without impacting customers. In fact, customer service has improved because the Cyara Platform helps identify and rectify potential problems before they impact the customer experience. In the words of Mr. Cronin, “Cyara just made the whole experience of getting to where we are today a lot easier and a lot more effective.”

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