CX Customer Stories (ANZ)

CX Customer Stories

Join us on Wednesday 9 June 2021, 8:30am – 9:30am AEST

As we transition to an increasingly digital economy amongst unprecedented social challenges, it is essential for organisations to deliver personalised, fast and convenient customer experiences at scale. Cyara invites you to join Rohan Khanna, CTO of Probe Group, and Mark Kayserman, VP Professional Services at Genesys, as we discuss the future of CX and how to deliver seamless experiences with an innovative, agile and automation-driven approach.

Join this live event to learn about:

  • The contact centre of 2031
  • Digital and AI investment trends
  • Best practices for executing CX innovation
  • Agile and automation for CX delivery

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Session Session Details
8:30 Introduction Arun Kumar, Director CX Alliances, Cyara
8:35 Customer Insights Rohan Khanna, CTO at Probe Group & Arun Kumar, Director CX Alliances, Cyara
9:00 Customer Insights Mark Kayserman, VP Professional Services, Genesys
David Inglis, Principal Solutions Architect ANZ and APAC, Cyara
9:20am Q&A and Event wrap up


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar Director Channels & Alliances, Cyara

David Inglis

David Inglis Principal Solution Architect, Cyara

Mark Kayserman

Mark Kayserman VP Professional Services, Genesys

Rohan Khanna

Rohan Khanna CTO, Probe Group

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