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Amber Beres

Carrier Manager, United States

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Employee Profile - Amber Beres

Cyara has the most diverse workforce I have ever seen! It was one of the reasons I joined, and I am glad this remains an objective for the future. When the doors remain open for all and all are treated as one, we can work in harmony.

What drew you to a career at Cyara originally and how has the company changed since? 

The posting felt like it was written just for me. It had everything I was looking for in a position and a company that supported its people. Having done manual testing before, I knew how much of an impact the products could make on nearly every company out there.  Then I came here and everything I thought I knew about a supportive, challenging environment has been show-stopping. Before I started, my co-worker and manager reached out to me to welcome me. I felt like I knew them before my first day. Since coming onboard, I have been empowered to share knowledge, ask questions, and provided support from every individual I have interacted with at Cyara. The welcome has not only been generous and heart-warming, but it is also genuine. Everyone at Cyara wants you to succeed and they will help you do so, odds are you will have a hearty laugh while doing so.

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on? 

My workday changes by the minute and I could not love it more. My overall focus is collaborating with our Carriers to obtain pricing, process orders, and find viable solutions. The remainder of the time is spent troubleshooting issues or seeking innovative solutions. The freedom afforded to me is astonishing. I have been able to dedicate time to process improvements, research alternative solutions, and learn more about Cyara as a whole. By empowering their employees, it keeps our passion alive. Each day I look forward to what will present itself. 

Tell us about your work-life harmony at Cyara?

Cyara has high expectations, and my time is split between time zones. Due to this, I have the freedom to do something during the day or decide which calls I will be on after my standard hours. Cyara is exceptionally good at making sure you take care of yourself and your family first. It was an adjustment for me, and I had to remind myself that I was being told to step away, and not be online for 12 hours. 

How would you describe the culture at Cyara?

Cyara is a fun, collaborative, and nurturing environment. Imagine someone sees your potential and creates the best possible environment for that to develop, empowers you to achieve it, and provides coaching along the way. Add in a group of people who can laugh at themselves, and you have Cyara.

What has been the most empowering moment in your Cyara career journey?

I was overseeing an escalation when all of the executives were called in.  After some time, I was talking, and the executives were quiet. I kept going thinking I had done something incorrectly, but I soon realised they trusted me completely to oversee the situation. They provided all the support needed to address the situation and assist me but recognized I was fully capable of running with it.

What are you passionate about in your role?

I believe in our product, our people and want to do everything I can to enable the growth of it to different markets.

How does Cyara help support your sense of purpose in your career?

Cyara fills a need for so many customers and takes all the guesswork out of testing. My goal in life is to help people and our set of products does that every moment of every day. We help find the problems before they become issues, or before they become widespread issues. Considering the reach of Contact Centres and the absolute necessity of them, I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing. There is certainly not a team I would rather be on.

What have you gained from working at Cyara from a career perspective?

Cyara taught me the value of working together on a team. I have worked on teams before, but typically you had your own assignments. Whilst this is also true here, teams are communities. Your teammates are your partners in everything, and communication is essential. I am beyond grateful for the support and training my team provides me daily.

If you could describe Cyara as an employer in three words, what words would you use?

Empowering – Compassionate – Dedicated

How has Cyara’s global approach to diversity helped you in your career so far?

Cyara has the most diverse workforce I have ever seen! It was one of the reasons I joined, and I am glad this remains an objective for the future. When the doors remain open for all and all are treated as one, we can work in harmony. That is how Cyara works, making sure to create a diverse workforce that works in harmony.

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