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James Sansom

Technical Account Manager, United States

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Employee Profile-James Sansom

Here at Cyara work/life balance is important and that starts at the Executive level and works its way down to my direct Manager.

What drew you to a career at Cyara originally and how has the company changed since?

Culture! Although I was very happy at my previous employer, each person I met and interviewed with made me realize that Cyara had something special. The changes at Cyara have been positive in my opinion. Changes have come in the way of growth; this change has been positive, and we have been able to hold on to our great culture!

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

In a typical day I get to support Cyara customers who have decided as a business they want the best experience for their customers. This is a common theme with our customers, and I find that commonality creates a special bond. Currently I’m working with a premier financial institution who are using the Cyara solution to make ~70,000 synthetic calls into their production environment to assure the best customer journey for their customers.

Tell us about your work life harmony at Cyara?

Here at Cyara work/life balance is important and that starts at the Executive level and works its way down to my direct Manager. I’ve never received push back on requesting time off. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard “family first.” A good example of this is in 2019 I had a personal family health emergency and had to move back into my childhood home to take care of my Mom. My Cyara family stepped up and 100% supported me in this tough time.

Describe your current role at Cyara.

I’m a Technical Account Manager, I currently support Cyara customers. I help customers with adoption of the platform, focusing on best practices, test case tuning, and adoption. The best part of my job is demonstrating the innovations we make to the Cyara suite of products.

How would you describe the culture at Cyara?

I think the culture here is great. Collaboration is a prized feature of the Cyara culture and help is only a call, slack, or email away. This openness to help one another fosters close relationships at Cyara and makes coming to work a pleasure. The work/life balance is key to our culture. Everyone at Cyara will step up when needed to assure the best possible outcome for our customers and our co-workers.

What has been the most empowering moment in your Cyara career journey?

My most empowering moments come with new Cyara customers. After a customer goes through training, I get to help them tune their testing environment. Helping with more advanced features and integrations takes our customers to the next level. There is nothing better than being paid to help someone succeed!

What are you passionate about in your role?

It’s very fulfilling when a customer sees me as a part of their team and someone they can reach out to. Watching a customer meet a goal and knowing that I am a part of that success is awesome!

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