Employee Profile
Tyler Zenon

Principal Solutions Architect, Canada

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Employee Profile-Tyler Zenon

We’re empowered to bring change to our customers and drive to make Cyara better and maintain the culture. Leadership challenges us to do what’s right and make a difference that drives my purpose daily.

What drew you to a career at Cyara originally and how has the company changed since?

My past manager reached out and was so excited about working at Cyara. He talked about the culture and how refreshing it was from our previous employer.

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

Review my calendar and plan out the day, from talking to my account executives on account planning through touching base with some of our new Cyarans to make sure they are getting all the support they need.

Tell us about your work life harmony at Cyara?

From the very start of my life at Cyara, balance was something championed from all levels within the company. Cyara is a very family-first organization, with Covid hitting our senior leadership made it very clear that Cyara will support its family any way possible with care and compassion as we were all finding our way. Flexing work structure to help accommodate everyone’s unique situation.

Describe your current role at Cyara.

I support the sales/pre-sales organization within the technical realm of call centres, CX and everything in between – really helping bridge the technical and tactical know-how to help the sales organization strive to help customers ensure their customers are developing, testing, and ensuring the customer journey that so many companies strive to perfect.

How would you describe the culture at Cyara?

Family first, be your own family or the Cyara family. I think a lot of companies throw the word “family” around. But here it’s a bond, there is overwhelming desire to succeed but not at the cost of the people around you. You are allowed to grow and try, and are given the opportunity to learn and fall but everyone is there to help you back up and try again. It’s refreshing.

What has been the most empowering moment in your Cyara career journey?

From day one people listened and valued my input, taking the time to make me feel included and valued.

What are you passionate about in your role?

Helping. In general people in the pre-sales world are helpers, we want to share our knowledge and pass all those trials and tribulations along. Letting our customers know we are in this together, I believe we really make our customers feel part of the Cyara family and we want them to succeed.

How does Cyara help support your sense of purpose in your career?

We’re empowered to bring change to our customers, and drive to make Cyara better and maintain the culture. Leadership challenges us to do what’s right and make a difference – that drives my sense of purpose daily.

What have you gained from working at Cyara from a career perspective?

My ongoing understanding of what CX testing means, it’s more than just running a load test, there is so much more value in what encompasses CX testing.

If you could describe Cyara as an employer in 3 words, what words would you use?

Employees come first.

How has Cyara’s global approach to diversity helped you in your career so far?

Cyara finds the best people for the job that needs to be done. You may not come from the right background, but if you’re the right person for the job, then that’s the deciding factor. Cyara embraces everyone for who they are and welcomes them to the family.

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