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For health insurance providers, certain times of year bring higher call volumes and increased demands on your agents and staff, as well as added strain on your network and technology. But the need for excellent customer service is always at its peak.

Don’t leave interaction quality to chance – let us help. Ensure your members always have access the plan information, answers, and support they need with our simple, automated CX monitoring solution.

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Limited Time Offer: Toll-Free Monitoring FREE for 60 Days

Ensure your members and providers can always reach you when they dial your toll-free numbers.

Now for a limited time, get complimentary monitoring of up to 5 toll-free numbers, to help ensure your CX technology is answering, transferring, and performing flawlessly, 24/7. There are no strings attached, and no obligations. We’re here to help you do what you do best – deliver excellent customer experiences.

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Ensure Your Systems Can Meet High Volumes in Time for Open Enrollment Season

Load-test customer journeys across voice and digital channels so you’re ready for open enrollment season. Cyara automates functional & regressing testing, decreases testing time & allows you to use resources more efficiently, reducing costs.

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Learn All the Ways the Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform Can Help You

Health Insurers Executive Brief

Cyara Health Insurance Executive Brief

Read the Cyara Health Insurance Executive Brief for an overview of how to proactively monitor and improve customer experience in your contact center.

Read the Cyara Health Insurance Executive Brief

Blue Shield of California Customer Story

Learn how Blue Shield of California monitors CX 24×7 using Cyara to identify issues early, often before members and providers experience them.

Read the Blue Shield of California Customer Story

ROI Benefits Realized by Cyara Customers


40 to 70 per cent Faster to Market


80 per cent Reduction in Testing Time


800 per cent Greater Test Coverage

Cyara Works with Any Technology Platform


3 Strategies for Open Enrollment

Platform Demo: 3 Strategies for Health Insurers’ Open Enrollment Preparation

Cyara’s Bill LaRuffa and Francine Moore demonstrate 3 strategies for health insurers’ open enrollment season preparation via the Cyara platform in this short video.

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Leading US Health Insurance Provider

Customer Story: Leading US Health Insurance Provider

A leading health benefits company in the U.S. needed to increase the speed-to-market of the innovative solutions they use to serve their health plan members. Learn how Cyara helped their CX transformation.

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Xchange 2020 Anthem - Maha Chandran

Xchange 2020 Session Replay: Best Practices of Test Automation in the Contact Center

Mahalakshmi Chandran of Anthem outlines best practices of test automation in the Contact Center at Cyara Xchange 2020.

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Cyara Cloud Migration Checklist v5

Cyara Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

A handy resource to help you map out your strategy for cloud migration. Use this to think through all the elements of your migration project.


5 Tips for Successful Contact Center Cloud Migrations

White Paper: 5 Tips for Successful Contact Center Cloud Migrations

Learn about the benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud, the risks associated with migrating, and five tips for overcoming these risks and migrating successfully. Read this eBook today to learn how to migrate to the cloud with confidence.

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DevOps for CX-Driven Digital Transformation

White Paper: DevOps for CX-Driven Digital Transformation

Download the DevOps for CX-Driven Digital Transformation white paper and learn how DevOps can help you innovate your customer experience with speed and quality.

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Top 6 Benefits of Improving Your CX Assurance

White Paper: Top 6 Benefits of Improving Your CX Assurance

Learn why customer feedback isn't the best way to know if your CX is working as intended, about the importance of assuring your CX, and the practical benefits of improving your CX assurance efforts. Download your copy today.

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Healthcare Open Enrollment White Paper

White Paper: Healthcare Open Enrollment-Are You Ready To Maximize This Opportunity?

Read our white paper today to learn how your healthcare organization can provide better customer experience and achieve open enrollment success.

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