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Healthcare Insurance companies are essential – especially through crises like COVID-19 – in helping those in need access the medical information, support, and services necessary to see them through.

In the face of increased demand and coverage questions, assure that your members and providers can reach you with clear, cost-effective, and quality customer experience.

Complimentary Monitoring of Up to 5 of Your Toll-Free Numbers

Your callers need to reach you. Cyara monitoring assures your IVR is answering 24/7.

Cyara Assures 4 out of 5 Top US Health Insurance Companies

Learn All the Ways the Cyara Automated Customer Experience Assurance Platform Can Help You

Read the Cyara Health Insurers Executive Brief for an overview of how to proactively monitor and improve customer experience in your contact center.

Read the Cyara Health Insurers Brief

Assure Your Members & Providers Can Always Reach You by Monitoring Your Toll-Free Numbers

Ensure your CX technology is running 24/7, answering and transferring, flawlessly.

Cyara is offering complimentary monitoring of up to 5 of your toll-free numbers to assure your callers can reach you.

Read the Blue Shield of California Customer Story

Planning a Contact Center Migration?

Prepare for a successful migration with the Cyara Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist, and reap the benefits of a cloud-based contact center.

Keep on track with the Cyara Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

Accelerate Release of Updates & Changes to Your System by Automating Testing

Meet the demands of rapidly changing circumstances by eliminating bottlenecks in development, getting system updates out more quickly, and flawlessly.

Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance Platform allows you to rapidly update and implement changes to your CX systems by automating testing.

Learn why automation and a DevOps approach can help you deliver quality CX, even through crisis.

Read the DevOps for CX White Paper

Ensure Your Systems Can Meet High Volumes in Time for Open Enrollment Season

Load-test customer journeys across voice and digital channels so you’re ready for open enrollment season.

Cyara automates functional & regressing testing, decreases testing time & allows you to use resources more efficiently, reducing costs.

Read the Cyara Cruncher Datasheet

Mitigate Risks from Issues & Defects in Your Cx

Minimize risk by improving quality and avoiding fines and outages while improving customer loyalty.

Cyara automates testing throughout the development lifecycle, eliminating errors that could cause problems down the line.

Read the Top 6 Benefits of Improving Your CX Assurance eBook

Prepare Your CX Infrastructure for Tomorrow, Whatever It May Bring

Assure that your customer journeys will deliver through normal & uncertain times.

Cyara can automate your transition to a cloud contact center and assure that your home-based agents serve your callers with quality CX interactions.

Read our blog post on assuring at-home agent quality
Read the Cyara Cloud Migration Guide eBook

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Assure Your Contact Center Delivers Flawless CX

Minimize Effort

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Effortlessly update IVR & CX messages to keep your callers informed through the rapidly changing health insurance landscape

Reduce Cost

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Automate CX design, testing & monitoring to increase efficiency & cut costs so you can focus on connecting callers to the agents & answers they need

Mitigate Risk

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Ensure your CX channels meet CMS standards, keeping you in compliance & answering your caller’s needs, no matter the scale

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