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There’s no place like the cloud.

If only migrations were as simple as clicking your heels together. In reality, the complexity of cloud contact center migrations can add an unplanned 9-12 months to the timeline of a business’ transition to the cloud.

Delays are often caused by missing data, incomplete system documentation, manual testing processes, and simple human error. Cyara helps keep you on the yellow-brick road to a successful cloud migration while avoiding risks and identifying any potential issues, before they can impact your CX applications.

Protect your CX from cloud migration failures, falling houses, and flying monkeys. We partner with the leaders in cloud migration such as Genesys and AWS to reduce risk and keep you on schedule, every step of the way.

Toolkit for Successful Cloud Contact Center Migrations

Despite the many compelling benefits of cloud migration, many enterprises are held back by concerns about security, cost over-runs, systems integration, the management of legacy infrastructure and leadership inertia.

Download our free Cloud Migration Toolkit, a collection of white papers, checklists and guides we’ve curated to help you move to the cloud successfully!

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Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud with Confidence

Moving to the cloud can solve many common contact center challenges. But it also places new demands on your infrastructure with new functionality and integrations. Ongoing testing plays an essential role in uncovering issues that could impact your customers, and automation is the key to testing your CX technology holistically and at scale.

Minimize Effort

Automate cloud contact center testing and monitoring with a single solution.

Reduce Cost

Decrease testing time and demand on your resources before, during, and after migration.

Mitigate Risk

Eliminate error-ridden, manual testing processes and avoid failures that impact your customers.