Cyara and Circle Consulting and Software Partner to Provide Real-Time Customer Experience Monitoring

Cyara and Circle Consulting and Software Partner to Provide Real-Time Customer Experience Monitoring

Circle adds Cyara’s CX assurance technology to expand its range of innovative and cost-effective solutions for contact centres

Melbourne, Australia

Cyara is partnering with Circle Consulting & Software, a New Zealand systems integrator that specialises in customer-engagement technologies. Through the partnership, Circle will expand its real-time customer experience (CX) monitoring and reporting solutions with a new offering, Guardian powered by Cyara. Guardian provides automated, independent assurance that key customer engagement channels are performing optimally and reliably, and alerts companies whenever their customers are experiencing a degradation in service.

“Our partnership with Circle means we can solidify and expand our presence in the New Zealand region, and enable more organisations to be confident that their customer journeys are friction-free,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and co-founder, Cyara.

“Our Guardian service is based on the award winning Cyara solution and we believe Guardian will provide companies with confidence their customer experience platform is performing optimally—whether in the cloud or on-premises. Further, this insight is end-to-end, rapid and actionable—and simple to install and manage,” said Peter Merwood, managing director of Circle.

The Cyara CX Assurance Platform
The award-winning Cyara CX Assurance Platform helps companies accelerate CX development, increase quality across all digital and voice channels, and assure the quality of customer journeys from beginning to end. Cyara Velocity’s automation and collaborative environment helps organisations rapidly innovate their CX. Cyara Cruncher then puts CX systems through extensive performance and load-testing, ensuring systems work at scale. Finally, Cyara Pulse delivers real-time CX insights via desktop or mobile phone, enabling customers to identify and troubleshoot problems. Cyara’s customers include leading brands across a variety of consumer and business segments including technology, insurance, finance, travel, and retail.

About Circle
Circle Consulting & Software is a systems integrator specialising in customer engagement technologies. With a wide range of global networks, partners, and associates, Circle has been entrusted by some of New Zealand’s largest organisations to help them deliver great outcomes for their customers. For more information, please visit 

About Cyara
As the world’s leading CX Assurance platform provider, Cyara accelerates the delivery of flawless customer journeys across digital and voice channels while reducing the risk of customer-facing defects. Every day, the most recognisable brands in the world trust the Cyara Platform to deliver customer smiles at scale. For more information, please visit