Cyara Announces Latest Version of Contact Center Testing Suite; Performance, Usability Enhancements Ensure Delivery of Intended Customer Experience

Users Gain More Control, Flexibility, Time Savings with End-to-End, Automated Testing of IVRs, Contact Centers & Voice Infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 13, 2012 — Cyara, today announced the latest release of Cyara Solutions Suite, version 4.1, which was made generally available in early July and includes key performance, usability and reporting enhancements. Cyara is a pioneer of next-generation premise and cloud solutions for testing, monitoring and simulation of interactive voice response (IVRs) and contact center systems and applications.

Customers who use Cyara frequently experience 50-90 percent savings in testing time and costs; With this latest release, customers gain additional time and cost savings and control over their testing, monitoring and simulation of contact center infrastructure and applications including IVRs, IP Telephony, SIP deployments, PBXs, reporting, routing, call recording, desktop and CTI.

“Cyara offers a highly collaborative approach to IVR and contact center testing that helps expedite implementation times and drive cost savings for enterprises that handle large volumes of customer interaction,” said Daniel Hong, lead analyst of customer experience and interaction at Ovum. “The performance and usability enhancements in this new release are excellent additions to Cyara’s solution suite and will resonate well with enterprises.”

Highlights of over ten new release features include:

• Step-by-step, real-time validation of test case creation, making it even easier and faster to build test cases 

• Support of dynamic, data-driven test cases, increasing testing automation and flexibility

• Unified reporting making it easier for customers to run individual test campaigns yet have them consolidated into an holistic, enterprise view

• 70 percent improvement in port density of Cyara’s call engine component, lowering hardware requirements and costs for premise customers

“We’ve further enhanced, automated testing based on continuous customer feedback,” says Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara. “Our customers are committed to staying ahead of potential points of failure and rectifying them before customer experience is impacted. Cyara Solution Suite 4.1 reinforces our commitment to deliver a cost-effective, time saving suite of automated solutions customers themselves can use to ensure they deliver intended customer experience,” says Kulkarni.

Complex IVR and contact center routing applications require complex test creation that may involve 30 or 40 steps. Step-by-Step, Real-Time Validation Progress provides a progress bar per step, showing points of failure at each step, giving test creation users early insight into script problems that may occur early in the validation process.

Dynamic, Data-Driven Test Case Development means users can take advantage of Cyara supplied services or develop their own custom services to retrieve data from external sources such as databases and web services for testing purposes. This feature enables Cyara to go to other sources other than comma separated values (CSV) files to get test data, eliminating steps in the process to extract data, especially when users want to refresh data sets to simulate more accurate, real-world testing.

Hosted customers served by Cyara’s U.S point of presence (POP) are running Cyara Solutions Suite 4.1; Cyara’s European and Asian POPs are slated to be upgraded within the next couple of weeks and premise customers globally are currently upgrading based on their individual requirements and timelines.

For more details on the latest release and a demo of the new features, please stop by booth 705 at SpeechTEK at the New York Marriott Marquis hotel August 13-15 or contact info@cyarasolutions.

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