Cyara’s Automated Testing Suite Reduces Call Center Technology Deployment Risk, Saves Project at Global Financial Institution

Key Challenges: New Technology Deployment, Untrained Staff, Failed IVR Application Vendor and Over-Stretched QA Team

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 16, 2012 — Cyara today announced the publishing of their latest customer success story detailing how automated testing saved a 2012 technology upgrade deployment at a global financial institution based in the U.S. Cyara is a pioneer of next-generation premise and cloud solutions for testing, monitoring and simulation of interactive voice response (IVRs) and contact center systems and applications.

“This case study documents in great detail the reality of what can go wrong and does in many deployments with so many moving parts, as is the case in complex contact center infrastructure and application deployments,” says Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara.

One of the many Cyara benefits cited by the customer in the interview was the ability to eliminate vendor misunderstandings, which can be crucial to the success of complex deployments.

“The value of the Cyara tools went way beyond basic IVR verification, “says the senior technical project manager, “allowing the organization to quantify errors found in the IVR, including call recordings that could be provided to the vendor to help them in cleaning up the IVR code and functions that were found to be missing. The vendor discussions were far more succinct and removed any possibility of misunderstanding,” she says.

“We know what Cyara’s automated testing suite can do for our customers,” he says, but “were delighted to see the customer and in particular, the project manager, come up with some unintended use cases for how Cyara could and did help make the project a success,” says Kulkarni.

The case study, while extremely detailed with a narrative driven by direct customer quotes, does not mention the company by name. “Our customer is extremely happy with the deployment, but has a policy of not officially endorsing vendors publicly,” says Kulkarni. “However, they allowed us to interview the senior technical project manager to document in detail the deployment and how automated testing played a critical role in the success of their contact center and IVR technology upgrade.” says Kulkarni.

“Our customers are committed to staying ahead of potential points of failure and rectifying them before customer experience is impacted. This customer’s experience with our suite in their technology upgrade is another proof point in Cyara’s commitment to deliver a cost-effective, time saving suite of automated solutions customers themselves can use to ensure they deliver intended customer experience,” says Kulkarni.

Highlights of the Case Study Include: 
• Control, collaboration, flexible testing instills customer confidence
• Load testing of the network with Cyara Cruncher™
• Regression testing to augment company’s QA with Cyara Replay™
• Functional testing findings lead to succinct vendor discussions and eliminates vendor finger pointing, miscommunication and project overrun costs
• Automated testing: an internal safety net for all IVR functionality

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