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Based in New Zealand, Circle Consulting & Software has over 20 years’ experience designing, building, and supporting complex contact center environments and understands the importance of a well-designed and executed test strategy. For Circle, the missing piece in this puzzle is having the ability to truly understand the customer experience that is delivered once these solutions are deployed into production. Being able to bridge this gap is one of the key reasons Circle chose to partner with Cyara, in order to complement the solutions Circle delivers and gives a customer focussed view. Circle have deployed Cyara for a large government department and are a Cyara certified reseller and services partner, with New Zealand’s only certified Cyara Architect in our team so we can help bridge the gap between the technology and customer aspects of your testing.

Circle has recently launched Guardian powered by Cyara, which provides automated independent assurance that CX solutions are performing optimally and reliably and alerts companies if their customers are impacted by any degradation in service.

How We Monitor Your CX

Monitor your CX from the customer’s perspective, and ensure your CX is functioning as designed. By simulating real-world customer interactions, Pulse delivers real-time insight in the palm of your hand, enabling you to identify issues, troubleshoot problems and ensure that you deliver the best possible customer experience each and every time.

How Cyara Works with Circle

Circle has partnered with Cyara and built the real-time Guardian CX monitoring and reporting service on Cyara’s Pulse product.

Guardian provides automated independent assurance that CX solutions are performing optimally and reliably and alerts companies if their customers are impacted by any degradation in service.

This type of monitoring is especially important if you have a cloud contact centre, because it provides visibility into your cloud vendor’s environment. Even though major cloud-computing outages don’t occur very often – perhaps every year or two – they do happen. A total failure is usually quickly identified and resolved. However, a degraded service is more sinister and could be affecting customers trying to reach your Contact Centre.

Guardian alerts you to the unknown and monitors the Customer Experience you’re delivering from the customer’s perspective, which gives you assurance that customer interactions are being reliably handled at every step of their journey, and across all channels. No additional hardware or licensed software is required to provide real-time insights about how your cloud Contact Centre is performing which enables you to identify issues, troubleshoot problems, and ensure that you’re delivering the best possible experience to your customers every time.

Guardian is:

Partners Circle 1
Real-Time: see the CX you are delivering with an outside-in view of your CX performance in real time
Partners Circle 2
Actionable: customise and drill in to deliver insights you need to take action
Partners Circle 3
Comprehensive: monitor across digital and voice channels, and even ensure your call recording is functioning as required
Guardian Powered

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