The cyara platform:

Complete Automated Testing of the Entire Customer Experience

Deliver precisely the customer experience you’ve designed

Complete Automated Testing of the Entire Customer Experience

Deliver precisely the customer experience you’ve designed

You are planning a significant IVR application rebuild, or implementing web callback, or rolling out an IP Telephony platform, and you need to manage the risk. Or maybe you just need to make some changes to an existing application. In either case, you need to manage your risk from customer experience errors, to schedule slips, to cost overruns.

Don’t let your current sluggish functional testing processes hold back your ability to innovate, respond to fast-changing requirements, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Cyara Functional Test allows you to validate that each and every part of your customer-facing applications is delivering the experience you’ve designed – across IVR, speech, voice biometrics, voice callback, chat, web interactions, and work items – at a fraction of the time and effort of other testing methods or systems.

Complete Testing, Automatically

With the Cyara Platform, you can perform comprehensive, automated functional and regression testing at the click of a button. You are now free to change IVR, web, and other customer-facing communication applications as frequently as needed, because Cyara can test the entire application automatically in as little time as just one hour. You will know that any modifications to your applications have not negatively impacted other parts of the experience for customers. And you automatically receive notification of any failures, so you can accelerate any required fixes to ensure your schedule isn’t impacted.

Core Element of a Comprehensive Solution

Cyara Functional Test is one part of the capabilities of the Cyara Platform, a comprehensive, automated customer experience testing platform that powers Cyara’s Cloud and on-premises products. It delivers seamless testing capability across the testing lifecycle, across all media, and covers the entire contact center technology spectrum. With the Cyara Platform, organizations leverage common tools, Test Cases, campaigns, reporting and administration across functional and regression testing, load testing, and production monitoring. The Cyara Platform provides testing across all customer channels – voice, web, mobile, and work items – and spans the entire technology spectrum – self-service to routing, to endpoints, to desktops.


  • Boost customer satisfaction: The Cyara Platform instantly notifies you about unusual delays, busy tones, dropped calls, incorrect speech recognition, and more, reducing customer frustration.
  • Accelerate time-to-market: The Cyara Platform can automatically test all the call flows of your application and re-test when you make modifications, so you can deploy new features and functions quickly with full confidence that they’ll deliver the experience you designed.
  • Gain true insights into the customer experience: The Cyara Platform places real calls through your IVR and emulates real customer interactions, so you get real visibility into the customer experience without impacting real customers.
  • Cut QA costs: The Cyara Platform is available as a hosted solution, giving you on-demand access to massive scale at a low price; it can also be delivered as an on-premises solution through cost-effective industry-standard hardware and software.
  • Use Cyara how you wish: Cyara CloudPlus offerings allow organizations to operate Cyara completely in the Cyara Cloud, completely in their own Cloud, or in a hybrid model that blends capabilities seamlessly.


  • Benchmarking of IVR and associated contact center infrastructure
  • No need to modify existing applications to use the Cyara Platform
  • Repeatable and consistent process aligns to your deployment methodology
  • Automated, repeatable testing solution
  • Easy online test case interface – plain English, no coding
  • Supports both DTMF and speech, web interfaces, voice callback systems, and other customer interface technologies
  • Supports all major VoiceXML platforms


  • Cut functional and regression costs from 50-90%
  • Avoid incalculable errors associated with manual testing
  • Avoid schedule slip by finding and fixing errors earlier in projects