The cyara platform:

Comprehensive Inbound Voice Performance Testing for Contact Centers

Deliver precisely the customer experience you’ve designed, even at your busiest

Comprehensive Inbound Voice Performance Testing for Contact Centers

Deliver precisely the customer experience you’ve designed, even at your busiest

The customer experience delivered by the call center is critical to the success of the business. But delivering a consistent experience that satisfies the expectations of your customers requires the coordination of complex communications technologies. Most companies employ a combination of new and legacy technologies. It’s a significant challenge to build and integrate contact center applications and infrastructure – and it is a bigger challenge to maintain and adapt the experience to keep pace with customer expectations.

When one piece falters, the customer experience typically suffers. And when the customer suffers, the company suffers.

The Cyara Platform allows organizations to automatically and completely test enhancements to the inbound voice experience across the entire technology stack, from IVR to IP telephony platform, to CTI, agent desktop, and even callback and voice recording technologies. In addition, the Cyara Platform supports the entire testing lifecycle – from functional testing to load testing to regression testing and production monitoring – all to ensure the experience is precisely as it was designed. With the Cyara Platform the complete, deployed IVR is continually tested to ensure the experience remains precisely as you designed it.

Contact Center Transformation

There comes a time in the maturation of customer service where the legacy technology used to serve customers is more an obstacle than an asset. For many companies, this becomes an opportunity to leapfrog competitors and refresh the entire contact center technology architecture, switching to vendors and technologies they trust for the future.

Cyara works closely with customers throughout these transformations, benchmarking current performance, providing functional and load testing software, and ensuring that technologies can be introduced incrementally to minimize disruption. Our customers are empowered to move forward with the right technology, monitored continually by Cyara, with an infrastructure that lets them automatically and quickly test the entire architecture, allowing rapid implementation of new requirements. With the Cyara Platform, you are as agile as you want to be.

How it Works

The Cyara Platform generates real-world traffic coming into the contact center, placing each call as though it were from a unique customer with a unique call flow. Cyara customers can rapidly generate call flows, importing them from design environments or quickly building them in the easy-to-use Cyara Portal, during development. These call flows are then used throughout the testing lifecycle to mimic real customer interaction.

The call flows are used to automatically test the functional accuracy of the solution, and after rework or enhancements, to ensure the entire application is functioning as designed. Companies can then use these same call flows to generate actual call volumes that represent the busiest times in the call center. The calls are generated from the Cyara Cloud, a dedicated cloud, or from the customer’s own network or cloud. Volumes can be blended from multiple sources: Cyara Cloud and on-premises deployments, from multiple notes in the Cyara Cloud, from a dedicated cloud environment run by Cyara or any combination of these, to produce the intended stress level on the system.

These same scripts continue to be used to facilitate thorough monitoring of deployed systems and in the automated regression testing of applications after changes. Cyara can enhance the validation of the customer experience by:

    • Dynamically blending various background noises to emulate actual customer calling environments (café, automobile, night club, or sporting event)
    • Testing voice quality from customer to agent and from agent to customer
    • Integrating the testing management to third-party tools, e.g. HP Quality Center
    • Testing implementations of voice biometrics authentication (both enrollment and later authentication)

The Cyara Advantage:

  • No need to modify your IVR applications
  • Easy to use
  • Technology agnostic
  • Facilitates collaboration across the testing lifecycle
  • Testing covers the entire technology range from IVR, PBX, CTI and Agent desktop
  • Calls are fully recorded and are easily played back with your browser
  • Management reporting to understand issues
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of ports
  • SMS/email alert notifications
  • DTMF/speech application support
  • Compatible for use with VoiceXML-based media platforms (IVRs)
  • TDM or IP telephony support
  • Extensible testing platform for all customer interactions
  • Complete coverage from customer through to endpoints and agent desktop environments

The World’s Largest Brands Rely on Cyara

Cyara is the trusted provider of customer experience software to the largest consumer organizations across the world. Review our customer case studies or contact us for further references.