The cyara platform:

Automated Stress Testing of Customer Communications

Deliver precisely the customer experience you’ve designed, even at your busiest

Load Test

Whether you’re planning a significant IVR application rebuild, implementing web callback, or rolling out an IP telephony platform, you need to manage the risks – from customer experience errors to schedule slips, to cost overruns – and be sure the systems will work flawlessly at peak interaction volumes. With the Cyara Platform, you can simulate the strain on your entire contact center infrastructure when you are at your absolute busiest times, verifying that the inevitable spikes in volume won’t expose weaknesses to your customers in the form of an inferior experience.

Go ahead, put your process and systems through their paces. Simulate sustained traffic loads, sharp peaks, and controlled volumes with tests that are easy to configure, easy to run, and easy to repeat. Cyara Cruncher performs end-to-end load testing under the toughest conditions – so you can go live with total confidence.


  • Cut the risk of IVR replacements and upgrades
  • Simulate realistic loads, real-world contact center operations
  • Reduce IVR and contact center testing costs
  • Gain fresh insights from management-level and drill-down reporting
  • Flexible usage models: SaaS (Cyara Cloud), on-premises, or blended
  • No modification to your customer applications or systems


  • Repeatable and consistent process allows testing to be scheduled at any time
  • Automated, repeatable testing solution
  • No hardware and software needed when using the Cyara Cloud (SaaS) product
  • Easy online Test Case creation interface: plain English, no coding
  • Supports all customer interface technologies, including DTMF, Speech, and web interfaces


  • Catch weaknesses earlier in your project to avoid project delays
  • Reduce the detected flaws in the customer experience by up to 80%
  • Find scalability problems quickly, without exposing them to your customers

Cyara also offers a pre-packaged Rapid Start load testing solution designed to be the easiest and most inexpensive way to get started with load testing to ensure the health of your system.

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