The cyara platform:

Integrating Cyara into Enterprise QA Tools

qa-toolsDoes your organization use an enterprise-wide quality assurance tool, like HP’s Quality Center, to manage the QA process across the entire organization? Are you using a continuous-delivery management workflow tool to track completed code and configuration through to production?

Cyara can easily integrate into your larger QA management environment across a number of different platform. Cyara has developed a REST-API to facilitate the integration of Cyara Test Cases, campaign results, fault tracking, and real-time monitoring results.

HP Quality Center Adapter

In particular, Cyara offers a packaged integration to HP’s Quality Center as part of its formal partnership within the HP AllianceOne partner program. The Cyara QC Adapter integrates the Cyara Platform with HP Quality Center, allowing customers to synchronize Test Cases and the results of tests between the two environments. HP Quality Center customers can leverage the defect management capabilities in HP Quality Center on defects identified by Cyara testing.

Comprehensive customer experience testing with Cyara reduces the time from idea to improving the experience for customers. It also reduces the risk of project delays and flaws in the experience that impact customers and your relationships, while dramatically reducing the costs and time requirement of testing.  Through this integration, Cyara customers can leverage the enterprise application lifecycle management and quality assurance capabilities of HP Quality Center, and be first to market with enhancements to the customer experience with the Cyara Platform.

Key Benefits from the Cyara HP Quality Center Adapter:

  • Save time and effort by eliminating double/manual entry
  • No need to develop and maintain custom tools
  • Automatic setup in Quality Center
  • Easy-to-use: wizard-based interface
  • Save time and effort: no need for manual runs
  • Include voice-specific metrics in QC results
  • Defects can be linked to specific Cyara test results
  • Create management reports from Cyara results & metrics

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