The cyara platform:

Comprehensive, End-to-End, Customer Experience Testing

Automatically, completely test the experience across the entire technology stack

Your organization strives to give consumers self-service capabilities across communications channels: phone, mobile, web, and kiosk. Yet you also know these services must seamlessly transition customers to live interactions when needed. And all of this isn’t easy. It requires the coordination and integration of many technologies – and making changes to the customer experience introduces significant risk that flaws will be exposed to your customers. Is your current customer service technology slowing you down?

Cyara is here to help. The Cyara Platform allows you to automatically and completely test enhancements to the inbound voice experience across the entire technology stack, from IVR to IP telephony, to CTI, agent desktop, and even callback and voice recording technologies. In addition, the Cyara Platform supports the entire testing lifecycle, from functional testing, to load testing, to regression testing, to production monitoring—all to ensure the experience works precisely as it was designed.

Test across All Levels of your Architecture

With the Cyara Platform, you can test to the level or architectural depth you wish. The Cyara Platform can be employed to test only your self-service IVR, or it can be employed to test the entire architecture you rely on to deliver the right experience. Or any variation in between. The Cyara Platform can be utilized across the four significant levels of your architecture:

L1 : Self-Service (IVR)

Self Service (IVR):

Test the functionality, scale, and quality of the self-service experience
L2: Agent Phone

Agent Telephone:

Include of the agent telephony device in the span of customer experience testing
L3 : Bridge to Agent

Transition to Agent:

Test the customer experience transitioning to assisted service
L4 : Agent Desktop

Agent Desktop:

Test the customer and agent experience across all technologies, including the agent application environment

How it Works

Level 1

Cyara generates real-world traffic coming into the contact center, placing each call as though it were from a unique customer with a unique call flow. Cyara call flow scripts, easily generated by your developers, QA staff, or analysts, are used to mimic true customer behaviors to thoroughly exercise your customer-facing applications before they are exposed to customers.

Level 2

Extending to Level 2 testing brings the agent telephony devices into the testing scope. This is helpful for companies that want to deploy a large testing environment or simulate large load conditions without having to tie up the existing production agent handsets. It is also helpful for companies that are testing and monitoring the voice quality of the calls to and from customers. The Cyara Platform can also integrate directly to the deployed handsets so voice quality is measured in the most complete way, from the customers all the way through the agent’s headset.

Level 3

The Cyara Platform allows you to mimic a range of agent behaviors as well and you can statistically assign these agent behaviors to the variety of consumer behaviors generated by the caller experience scripts. This gives you a true depiction of how your systems will operate and perform when they are in production. Extending to Level 3 gives your organization the opportunity to test the PBX, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), routing, data integration, and contact center reporting, regardless of your choice of technologies. The Cyara Platform is technology agnostic and can work across the major telephony, speech, CTI, and desktop technologies.

Level 4

Many companies extend testing to include the agent desktop environment so they can be confident agents are completely productive using technologies that have been tested for functionality and scale, and that they can service customers when systems are put in production. In addition, Cyara provides the comfort of knowing that if anything happens that degrades the customer or agent experience, you will be the first to know.

The Cyara Advantage:

• No need to modify your existing self-service applications
• Easy to use
• Technology agnostic
• Facilitates collaboration across the testing lifecycle
• Testing covers the entire technology range from IVR, PBX, CTI, and agent desktop
• Calls are fully recorded and are easily played back with your browser
• Management reporting to understand issues
• Scalable to tens of thousands of ports
• SMS/Email alert notifications
• DTMF/Speech application support
• Compatible for use with VoiceXML-based media platforms (IVRs)
• TDM or IP telephony support
• Extensible testing platform for all customer interactions
• Complete coverage from customer through to endpoints and agent desktops

The World’s Largest Brands Rely on Cyara

Cyara is the trusted provider of customer experience software to the largest consumer organizations around the world. Review our customer case studies or contact us for further references.

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