The cyara platform:

Voice Quality Testing

Voice Quality Testing

You are dependent on the health of your networks and telephony infrastructure to support the conversations you have with your customers. You often take these technologies for granted, but the reality is that too often the quality of the voice interaction between agent and customer is not good enough, caused by a variety of conditions or errors. Your organization, if typical, has moved or is planning a future move to IP-based telephony, relying on a complex combination of internal and vendor networks and technologies located across the globe:

  • Some internal and some outsourced
  • Some local and some international
  • Some supported by internal IT organizations and some by contracted IT organizations

But none of that complexity changes your customers’ expectations. A degraded voice experience leaves a poor impression with customers that can damage the long-term potential of that relationship.

Cyara works with its customers to test and continually monitor the voice quality between customers and agents, across the world and including internal and outsourced centers. There are a number of different configurations used to deliver the testing result enterprises require, and Cyara is able to accommodate all of them.

Cyara generates a MOS (Mean Opinion Score) using PESQ (Perceived Evaluation of Speech Quality) and Cyara’s Multi-pass Speech Recognition (MPSR). Cyara generates test calls that are terminated on an endpoint. Reference audio is generated in both call directions, customer to agent and vice versa, and a quality score is produced. Cyara employs software endpoints that register with the deployed telephony switches and patented Audio Generation Devices that connect into existing agent hardware (phone sets or PC), or a combination of both of these.

Test Cases are created in minutes to mimic the customer and agent, play reference audio, listen, and score the voice quality. When campaigns are launched, the Cyara Platform launches single calls, or multiple calls, to the test system, exactly as customers do to production systems. If emulated endpoints are used, the calls are routed to these software-based endpoints, thousands of which can run on a single server. When the call is connected, the Cyara Platform plays a reference audio file, which is measured by the emulated endpoint, and then a reference audio file is played by the endpoint (agent) and the quality is measured by the Cyara Call Generator (customer). Both legs are scored independently because often voice quality issues are not symmetrical; very often, the quality in one direction is acceptable but not sufficient in the other direction.

Testing and monitoring voice quality with Cyara will let you relax, knowing the valuable conversations in the contact center are crisp and clear, allowing your customer representatives to delight your customers.