The cyara platform:

Automated Testing of the Web-Based Customer Experience

Make sure the web experience is every bit as good as the contact center experience.

Web Interactions

You’ve designed and implemented a superior customer experience at your contact centers. But consumers are also interacting with your business via the web. They love the anytime/anywhere self-service capabilities of mobile and web channels. How will you provide a consistent customer experience on these self-service channels? How can you be sure your chat and web callback interactions are working the way you designed them? And if you need to change the experience, how do you know there are no unintended impacts?

The answer is the Cyara Platform. With the web interaction capabilities of the Cyara Platform, you can automatically and completely test the communications experience across the testing lifecycle — from functional testing during the building of new capabilities, to load testing as capabilities are staged for deployment, to regression testing as capabilities are retested following changes, to production monitoring — so you can be sure the deployed system is delivering exactly the superior customer experience you designed.

Transform your Web Interactions

A good customer experience on your web and mobile channels is no longer good enough. The experience has to be great, and it has to be consistent with the experience delivered by your contact center. With the Cyara Platform, you can automate the testing of the entire customer experience across all channels – including your self-service, mobile, and web-based channels – so you can focus on improving the experience rather than worrying about whether it’s delivering what you designed.

The Cyara Platform is also easy to use. There is no need to modify your customer-facing applications, and it can be deployed via cloud-based or on-premises options without disrupting your business processes. You can quickly and easily scale to tens of thousands of ports, and management-level reports make it easy to understand and resolve any issues that arise. With the Cyara Platform, you are as agile as you want to be.

How it Works

The Cyara Platform generates real-world traffic coming into your web and mobile self-service applications and requesting conversational assistance from a virtual or live agent, via chat or voice callback. With the Cyara Platform you can mimic different customer behaviors to ensure the application works as designed across the range of expected customer actions.

Cyara customers rapidly generate customer experience flows during development that are used throughout the testing lifecycle to mimic real customer interaction. The flows allow the platform to navigate the web, request assistance, interact with live or virtual agents, and report on whether the system responded within the design criteria. These interaction flows are used to automatically test the functional accuracy of the solution during the initial implementation, and after later rework or enhancements, for regression testing.

These interaction flows are then used to generate actual interaction volumes that represent the busiest times in the support centers. The interactions are generated from the Cyara Cloud, a dedicated-hosted cloud, or from the company’s own network or cloud. Volumes can be blended from these multiple sources in any way to produce the intended stress level on the system.

The Cyara Platform also allows reuse of the interaction flows in the continual monitoring of the deployed applications. If the experience delivered by the production system falls outside established bonds, you are notified immediately. The Cyara Platform can enhance the validation of the customer experience by:

  • Producing the volumes of simultaneous web interactions you expect at your busiest times
  • Producing and monitoring the live interactions for all elements of a complicated web callback scenario: web session, interaction with voice callback application to request the callback and accepting the call from the voice callback system
  • Integrating the testing management with third-party tools, e.g. HP Quality Center
  • Testing the voice quality of the callback

The Cyara Advantage

  • SMS/Email alert notifications
  • DTMF/Speech application support
  • Compatible for use with VoiceXML- based media platforms (IVRs)
  • TDM or IP Telephony support
  • Supports virtually all web environments
  • Extensible testing platform for all customer interactions
  • Complete coverage from customer through to endpoints (phones) and agent desktop environments
  • Technology agnostic

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