Pulse Call Recording Validation

Call Recording Validation

Ensure Your Call Recording Software is Performing

Call recording is used by many companies for regulatory compliance, quality management, and customer and business insight. For regulatory compliance, failure to successfully record a call and retrieve it for review can result in steep fines. For quality management in contact centers, agent training is increasingly important. As self-service automates routine inquiries, the more complex and difficult customer issues are left to live agents. Call recording and other tools are used to “upskill” agents. For customer and business insight, call recording is used to understand customer needs, market trends, and ensure business continuity. With such critical needs, companies are challenged to assure that their critical calls are being captured.
With Cyara Recording Validation (CRV), you can identify issues with the accuracy and quality captured in your audio recordings before they impact your business. CRV provides comprehensive monitoring of the voice and digital customer experience you are delivering to your customers. CRV is an add-on capability to Cyara Pulse and supports Nice and Verint call recording systems.

Cyara Recording Validation provides assurance in these ways.

  • Ensure full, audible recordings are captured
  • Identify network issues impacting voice and quality
  • Identify voice quality issues
  • Know whether your call recordings have acceptable accuracy
  • Ensure you can retrieve recordings

How Cyara Call Recording Works

  • Cyara Pulse proactively makes and records “outside-in” calls.
  • Once the call ends, Cyara retrieves the recording from the Nice or Verint call recording system.
  • The CR analysis engine finds the matching call segment in Nice or Verint and assesses the quality of the recording integrity (at similar MOS and amplitude), as well as how accurately the Cyara Pulse call was delivered along the communication network.


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