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About the Cyara Knowledge Center

What is the Cyara Knowledge Center?

The Cyara Knowledge Center is a centralized information resource for Cyara customers where you can manage support requests and find all the latest documentation on Cyara products, features and integrations. It also allows you to manage your support tickets online and offers centralized access to Cyara documentation, including:

  • The Cyara Platform User Guide
  • FAQs
  • Release Notes
  • Integration Guides
  • Technical Solutions/How-To Guides
  • Training Videos

What are the main benefits of the Knowledge Center?

As a Cyara customer, you are now able to submit and manage support tickets online. It also simplifies communication between you and the Cyara Customer Response team especially if you have more than one case opened simultaneously. The new forms-based approach will also help us collect the right information upfront and increase our ability to reduce resolution times for you.

Cyara Customers will also be able to self-serve and search through the latest Cyara User Documentation, Release Notes, Technical Solutions, How-To guides and Training Videos.

I’m a Cyara customer. How do I access the Knowledge Center?

  1. In your browser, navigate to
  2. Select the Knowledge Center option, then click “Next”.
  3. Enter your e-mail and password (if you don’t know your password, or this is your first visit – enter anything in the password field).
  4. Hit the “Sign In” button.
  5. If your password is incorrect – you’ll be prompted to reset it.
  6. Once you receive your password reset link, follow the instructions to set a new password and you should be able to now access the Cyara Knowledge Center.

If you experience any issues logging in or accessing the Cyara Knowledge Center, please send an email to and we’ll help you through any issues.