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What is Monitoring?

What is Monitoring?

Customer experience (CX) monitoring is designed to check the performance of your CX delivery systems in real time. Even the most thoroughly tested and optimized systems are subject to unexpected failures, and CX monitoring allows an enterprise to detect these before their customers do.

There are many potential points of failure in a CX system across your IVR, web chat, SMS, email, and apps.

Monitoring can check for:

  • Connection issues
  • Dead air
  • Dropouts
  • Stutter, jitter, packet loss
  • Volume restrictions
  • Queues
  • Routing
  • Transfers
  • Database delays
  • Incorrect content/prompts
  • Page failures
  • Dead ends
  • Freezing
  • Recognition
  • Responsiveness
  • CTI data
  • App performance

Why do CX monitoring?

Enterprises looking to improve their customer service might choose CX monitoring when undertaking:

  • Baselining of existing production environments
  • Testing operational hours
  • Periodic checking of key customer interactions
  • Production monitoring of technology and/or outsource partners for SLA purposes
  • Identifying failures and trending performance of IVRs and backend systems

What are the benefits of CX monitoring?

CX monitoring helps enterprises to:

  • See their CX from their customers’ perspective
  • Detect and identify defects early
  • Reduce the risk and costs of exposing customers to system issues
  • Avoid brand damage from major CX failures

Monitoring with Cyara Pulse means you are the first to know of any customer-facing CX issues. Pulse provides you with real-time, actionable insights across your entire CX so that you have the data you need to deliver a flawless CX.

Read more about Pulse below and share the datasheet with your colleagues.

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