What We Do

Cyara is the market leader and the world’s fastest growing provider of an omnichannel automated customer experience testing, discovery, and monitoring platform. Using the Cyara Platform, you can take control of your customer experience ensuring that the experience you designed is the experience you are delivering.

cxil2xEvery customer has an innovation lifecycle. Working with some of the most recognizable brands and most complex customer contact centers in the world, Cyara uses an approach we call the Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle (CXIL™).

This approach uses best practices to optimize the performance of your contact center and to accelerate innovation while reducing the time and cost required and virtually eliminating the risk of introducing errors in development. Using the CXIL best practices, Cyara customers to innovate 40 to 70 percent faster than their peers.

Cyara’s patented technology enables you to easily mimic common (and uncommon) customer behaviors in live interactions to prove your systems function perfectly, even during your busiest times. Cyara also enables you to proactively monitor your customer experience, manage your deployment risks, keep your projects on time, reduce your quality assurance costs and, most importantly, helps you to keep pace with your customers’ expectations. And, the newest addition to the Cyara Platform™, Cyara Crawler®, explores your IVR call flows automatically to create an interactive map and documentation that eliminates much of the tedious effort required for an IVR upgrade.

The Cyara Platform spans the primary channels of customer interaction and meets the important challenges for every customer care organization.

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