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Keep Pace with Fast-Changing Contact Center Apps and Technologies

Perfect the contact center experience with Cyara

Keep Pace with Fast-Changing Contact Center Apps and Technologies

Perfect the contact center experience with Cyara

The pace of change just keeps accelerating, especially for contact center technologies and applications. Mobile computing. The explosion of endpoint devices. A connected customer base. New competitors. New market conditions. There’s no question you have to adapt. The question is, how will you stay a step ahead of change?

The answer is the Cyara Platform. Now you have a complete, end-to-end, efficient and effective way to automate testing, monitoring, and simulation of the entire customer and agent contact center experience. So you can continue to deploy complex contact center technologies, transform your enterprise contact centers, and adapt your processes to meet the expectations of your customers. While minimizing risk and accelerating the pace of innovation.

How it Works

The Cyara Platform simulates the customer/agent experience with an easy-to-use web browser interface, from end to end. It starts with the customer calling your IVR or contact center from an external phone. The call intelligently traverses the IVR or speech application and is handled by an agent. The Cyara Platform can also completely automate the contact center agent activity by answering the call, putting the call on hold, and launching other front-office applications.

The Cyara Platform can generate real-world traffic coming into your contact center and place each call from a unique customer and call flow. You can specify realistic call distribution splays to different queues such as billing, new accounts or support; and you can dynamically blend various background noises to emulate actual customer calling environments. You can also customize and automate the agent activity across your entire contact center regardless of geographic location, skills and infrastructure.

Every call placed by Cyara is intelligent, so you gain insights into customer behavior and how to address issues with the experience. Did the call connect in time? Did the actual prompt match the expected prompt? Were there any connectivity issues, voice quality issues, dropped calls or maybe just a slight blip at the end of each prompt signifying a VoIP problem? Cyara records it all and allows to you hear and benchmark your customer’s experience.


  • Realistic simulation and testing: The Cyara Platform generates realistic traffic and emulates actual calling environments, so you know what you deploy will work in the real world.
  • End-to-end testing: The Cyara Platform automates development and post-production testing of the entire customer experience across all conversational channels.
  • Find and fix issues faster: The Cyara Platform gives you the intelligence and insights to identify and rectify potential problems fast, before they impact actual customers.
  • Fits your business: The Cyara Platform is easy to deploy and use via cloud-based or on-premises options; there is no need to modify your IVR applications; and it can be deployed without disrupting your business processes.
  • Scales with your needs: You can quickly and easily scale to tens of thousands of ports, and management-level reports make it easy to understand and resolve any issues that arise.


  • Automated contact center testing
  • Agent automation
  • Real-world scenarios
  • What-if analysis
  • Load testing
  • Ability to attach data – testing CTI capabilities
  • Ability to ensure call routing accuracy
  • Real-time reporting
  • Drill-down reports
  • Technology agnostic