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When You Reach Out to Customers, Make It a Positive Experience

Perfect your proactive customer experience with Cyara

When You Reach Out to Customers, Make It a Positive Experience

Perfect your proactive customer experience with Cyara

There are many excellent reasons to proactively contact your customers: Welcome calls to new clients, appointment reminders, fee avoidance notices, renewal reminders, collections, and more. But providing an excellent customer experience with outbound calling can be quite difficult. Many companies have the capability to do bulk outbound calling, but few have the testing processes in place to ensure that the experience for customers is consistently positive, and that the flow consistently works the way it was designed to.

For example, outbound dialer systems require tuning and testing to get the progress detection just right. It is important to tune the pacing so you don’t over-dial call connects or connect when no agent is available. Data cleansing is also required to ensure you have good contact information and you aren’t dialing people on the do-not-call list.

The Cyara Platform makes it easy to get it right. It allows organizations to automatically and completely test the outbound customer experience from the customer’s perspective. Using Cyara, organizations can be confident that when they reach out to their customers, they are delivering precisely the experience they intended.

How it Works

The Cyara Platform is able to emulate real customers, answering machines, fax machines, or even busy tone, no-answer and fast-busy scenarios. Used in the inbound mode, it receives calls from an outbound dialer prior to systems going into production. This ensures the experience will be high-quality to meet the needs of regulators and your business.

A range of telephone numbers are inserted into a calling list in the dialer. The Cyara Platform then answers calls from those numbers using a variety of scripted caller/telephone-line behaviors emulating the range of situations a dialer will face.

When the Cyara Platform receives the calls it measures all the key metrics (abandon rate, connection speed, ringing time, detection rates, etc.) required to ensure compliance with regulators and internal customer experience metrics. Cyara campaigns and call flows allow you to create dirty calling lists by creating multiple customer profiles which allow you to emulate customers with answering machine turned on, who are on the phone (busy), have a fax machine connected, or a variety of other situations.

Cyara Platform reporting quickly identifies and highlights issues and allows you to listen to the built-in call recording to truly understand the real customer experience and to enable you to properly tune your dialer. When the tuned system can handle the scripted behaviors, it will handle them correctly in production. Cyara identifies the deficiencies in the proactive customer experience before customers are impacted.


  • Ensures regulatory compliance: Cyara Outbound Test can help you ensure that your outbound dialer is compliant with the FTC, FCC and DMA and other regulatory legislation.
  • Provides end-to-end testing: In conjunction with testing the call progress detection and connection efficiency of the dialer, the Cyara Platform can also emulate agent activity after the dialer connects calls. This lets you thoroughly test the pacing and call connection capabilities of the dialer when operating at scale.
  • Efficient way to train agents: New agents can first work with the Cyara Platform before they are asked to interact with live customers. They can build proficiency handling the challenging rapid-fire situation of handling interactions with a predictive dialer without impacting customers. When agents have mastered working in this highly productive environment, they can be gradually introduced to live customer  conversations.
  • Flexible deployment options: The Cyara Platform can be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering via the Cyara Cloud, or it can be deployed in your cloud, on your premises.


  • Automated outbound testing solution
  • Comprehensive testing that doesn’t impact existing customers
  • Ability to tune and stress-test your dialer before it’s put into production
  • Technology agnostic