New! Global In-Country Dialing

Test and monitor with locally generated calls in over 65 countries across the globe.

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To test a toll-free number, and accurately identify issues with voice quality and test personalization, requires originating calls from the local telephony network. But, many CX assurance platforms can only generate local calls in a handful of countries. Cyara is able to generate local calls from over 65 countries — the widest reach of any in-country CX testing solution.

Cyara’s global in-country dialing capability enables you to:

  • Monitor toll-free numbers to ensure customer journeys end-to-end
  • Identify voice quality issues by monitoring through locally generated calls
  • Perform in-country functional testing to ensure all your IVRs and agent routing rules work, including advanced features like personalization, by ensuring ANI/CLI is delivered accurately through the local network

And, unlike other global in-country testing solutions, Cyara offers a comprehensive CX assurance platform that executes your complete customer journeys end-to-end, across voice and digital channels, and from self-service through to agent-assisted service.

Argentina Costa Rica Guatemala Luxembourg Puerto Rico Thailand
Australia Croatia Hong Kong Malaysia Romania Turkey
Austria Czech Republic Hungary Malta Russia Ukraine
Bahamas Denmark India Mexico Singapore United Arab Emirates
Bahrain Dominican Republic Indonesia Netherlands Slovakia United Kingdom
Belgium El Salvador Ireland New Zealand Slovenia United States
Brazil Estonia Israel Norway South Africa Venezuela
Bulgaria France Italy Panama South Korea Vietnam
Canada Finland Japan Peru Spain
Chile Georgia Kazakhstan Philippines Sweden
China Germany Kenya Poland Switzerland
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