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As the world’s leading CX Assurance platform provider, Cyara accelerates the delivery of flawless customer journeys across digital and voice channels while reducing the risk of customer-facing defects. Every day, the most recognizable brands in the world trust the Cyara Platform to deliver customer smiles at scale.

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“The folks who get CX right are going to win market share and if you aren’t getting it right then the opposite is true too.”

Scott Anderson, SVP – Quality Assurance & Testing, Bank of America

Customer Experience Wins

Customer experience (CX) has become the killer app of the new world order. CX leaders grow revenue faster, 17% compound average revenue growth rate1, outperform the market, 107.5% vs. 27.6%2, and retain more customers, 89% retention vs. 33%3, over CX laggards. In short, CX leaders win.

It has become a race for companies to implement CX technologies to offer self-service, omnichannel journeys, and new business models. While Agile and DevOps methodologies have accelerated the pace of development, companies are challenged in CX assurance. CX is only as good as what has been tested. Stories of CX failures are common, such as, new self-service features that do not work, dropped calls at peak times, and customers having to repeat their issue at every channel.

Companies have an urgent need for enterprise-class solutions to automate CX testing from the customer perspective. Assurance solutions must be able to rapidly automate functional, regression, and performance testing, as well as, expand the scope testing.

Contact Center Testing

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Customer Experience Monitoring

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Email and SMS Testing

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Omnichannel Testing

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Web Interaction Testing (Chat & Callback)

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How the Cyara CX Assurance Platform Works

The Cyara Platform generates real-world traffic coming into the contact center, placing interactions from the phone, web, web chat, SMS, email or other channels, as though they were from a unique customer with a unique customer journey.

Comprehensive functional and regression testing is automated. Companies can rapidly generate journeys during development that are used throughout the testing lifecycle to mimic real customer interaction. These journeys are used to automatically test the functional accuracy of the solution, and after rework or enhancements, to ensure the entire application is functioning as designed.

Performance testing is done at scale. The existing journeys can be utilized to generate actual interactions that represent the busiest times in the contact center. The interactions are generated from the Cyara Cloud to produce the intended stress level on the system.

Production monitoring from the customer’s point of view is available. Test scripts can be used to facilitate thorough monitoring of deployed systems and in the automated regression testing of applications after changes.

The Cyara Platform can enhance the validation of the customer experience

  • For calls, dynamically blending various background noises to emulate actual customer calling environments (café, automobile, night club or sporting event)
  • For calls, test voice quality from customer to agent and from agent to customer
  • Integrate the testing management to third-party tools, e.g., HP Quality Center
  • Test digital channels, such as, web interactions, web chat, SMS, and email.
  • Test agent handoff, ensuring that the customer data through CTI is available and the agent desktop is performing
  • Test implementations of voice biometrics, both enrollment and subsequent authentication
1Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth 2016.Forrester, June 21, 2016.
2 Watermark Consulting
3 Aberdeen Group