Easily Integrate the Cyara CX Assurance Platform With Your Agile and DevOps Toolchain

Software development has become strategic for companies across all industries. Many companies are adopting the DevOps methodology for software development. As part of DevOps and Agile methodologies, companies are deploying software builds more frequently than ever before with 24% deploying weekly and 27% deploying daily1.

The challenge for companies is to ensure that customer experience (CX) is incorporated into the software development process. Companies that are undergoing a full DevOps transformation are borrowing tools and techniques from the movement on a more isolated basis (e.g., CI tools only, Agile SCRUMs). Integration to the DevOps toolchain for design, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and maintenance are important to ensure the quality of CX.

Integrate with DevOps Tools to Simplify Testing

Cyara Velocity


Test Cases
CX Models
Cyara Velocity
Cyara Velocity
Cyara Velocity
Cyara Velocity
Test Management Tool

Cyara ALM Adapter
for Test Management

Integrate to Micro Focus ALM software and make the most of Cyara technology.

  • Get up and running quickly with an easy installation of the Cyara ALM Adapter.
  • Save time and effort by leveraging test case development and execution in Cyara with Micro Focus ALM.
Continuous Integration


Integrate with the most common CI tools for pipelines, environments, and builds.

Configuration Management


Integrate with the many configuration management tools for environments.

Agile Lifecycle Management

Cyara Velocity Integration to Jira for Agile Planning

Automate the filing of defects in Jira to facilitate continuous testing and rapid iteration.

  • Create a defect in Jira from Velocity
  • Link to the defect in Cyara for details, recordings, and other information

In addition, DevOps monitoring is most commonly done through dashboards. Companies have business performance dashboards which show customer metrics, application performance dashboards which show transaction metrics, and change event dashboards which show new deployments. Alerts and incidence management apps are used to notify and track changes in systems. Integrate to existing dashboards and alerts using the Cyara REST APIs.

Integrate with IT Operations for Smarter Troubleshooting

Cyara Velocity


Test Cases
CX Incidents
Cyara Velocity
Cyara Velocity
IT Monitoring System

Cyara Pulse Integration to Splunk for IT Monitoring

Use Pulse’s “outside in” results to complement the internal data already in Splunk.

  • Send alarms and clearing events to Splunk
  • Facilitate troubleshooting by sharing results from test cases and campaigns
IT Ticketing System

Cyara Pulse Integration to ServiceNow for Ticketing and Support

Enable rapid response and reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

  • Use the integration template for cloud-hosted ServiceNow
  • Automate incident management by creating ServiceNow incident tickets from Pulse test case failures
  • Notify users of new tickets via push notification to the Pulse Mobile App

Integrate Cyara Technology with Cyara REST APIs

Integrate Cyara test cases, campaigns, and results with other applications and tools. Cyara REST APIs are:

Easy to use

Easily integrate to Test Management Tools, Continuous Integration (CI), Configuration Management, and Agile Lifecycle tools.


Integrate Cyara CX Assurance Platform into your enterprise architecture to keep pace with enterprise growth and change.


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1The State of DevOps Report 2017.Puppet + DORA, 2017.