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Cyara–Rally Integration

Automate & Fast-Track Defect Management

About Rally

Rally Software®, Broadcom’s enterprise-class platform, is purpose-built to help you plan, prioritize, manage, track, and continuously improve your work so you can deliver the value that your customers need with speed, quality, and efficiency. Rally users enjoy visibility into progress, roadblocks, and dependencies across multiple teams, projects, and programs, facilitating alignment with strategic goals and creating better business results with a single system of record. To learn more and try Rally for free, visit www.broadcom.com/products/software/agile-development/rally-software

Cyara-Rally Integration

Your development team works tirelessly to build voice and digital journeys that provide your customers with the flawless CX they deserve. That job is never done. As your business changes, so must your CX. You need to continuously test systems to ensure they support business initiatives and customer needs.

Velocity helps you shift testing left and find defects during development with automated functional and regression testing. And when testing uncovers defects, we’ve integrated with Rally, an enterprise-class platform for tracking defects and assuring they are resolved.

Cyara-Rally Integration Benefits

  • Eliminate manual Rally ticket detail data entry for issues identified by Cyara
  • Speed issue identification through consistent, detailed issue reporting, including the exact data your team needs for the fastest path to incident resolution (call recordings, screenshots, etc.)
  • Reduces risk of rework and human error within defect tracking and resolution processes

How the Cyara-Rally Integration Works

Rally Integration - Cyara

With Velocity, you can automate testing at each step of the development process. When Velocity discovers defects, it captures and reports on details about the defect that can be helpful in resolving it. How?

If Velocity’s functional and regression test cases and campaigns fail, Cyara generates a defect ticket automatically populated with granular defect detail, like description, issue type, and project.

Cyara’s user-friendly configuration UI gives you control over what ticket details to include.

Rally Integration - Rally Ticket

With this integration enabled, you can directly establish traceability between Rally user stories and defects raised by Cyara test case failures.

Each Rally ticket generated from Velocity is automatically filled with test case defect details and a recording link so you can view and share information that leads to the most efficient CX issue resolution.

Get Started Using the Cyara-Rally Integration

Ready to put this technology partnership to work for you? Head to Cyara’s Developer Central for help on configuring your Cyara + Rally Integration, or you can reach out to your Cyara Success Manager or Account Executive today.

Cyara subscribers can also learn more about all of our DevOps and Agile integrations and suite of REST APIs on Developer Central or in the Knowledge Center.



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