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Test Automation Guidance

Cyara Expert Services

At Cyara, it’s our goal to be your partners in Customer Experience (CX) transformation, helping you to deliver efficient and flawless customer experiences at scale.

For customers who are looking to upskill their in-house resources on test automation, our Expert Services can work alongside your team on short or long-term engagements to help you assess your current state of automated QA testing readiness, identify missing elements needed for best results, design the ideal execution plan of attack, and support your journey to automated CX assurance success.

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Expert Services is comprised of consultants we’ve dedicated to assisting your department with a successful internal transformation to automated, agile testing and CX monitoring assurance operations. We look at your existing practices, help you identify areas of improvement, evaluate resources necessary for success, and determine a roadmap for your fastest journey to automated CX assurance.

Partnering with our team, you’ll receive insight and information about your current state of test maturity, practices, and skills, and use of – if applicable – testing software, tools, and structure. Then, together, we begin the journey to successful automated QA testing adoption.

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The Process Begins with an Assessment Survey

To know where you need to go, it’s important to understand where you are. The first step in your journey to successfully transforming your current QA practices is to self-assess your present-day testing practices.

At no cost, we will provide you with guidance and instruction on how to complete our digital self-assessment survey. You will answer pertinent questions that will give you an outside-in perspective on your current practices and readiness for automation adoption. Once completed, submit the survey. We will compile the data and consult with you on how to use the information exposed in the results, and recommend next steps on your journey to IT transformation. From there, we offer several levels of Expert Services Analysis Engagements to meet your needs. Ready to take the Survey?

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Select from One of Our Flexible Engagement Levels

CX Assessment

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2-Week Engagement

At the outset of this Engagement Level, you will receive:

  • A thorough report of your current state within key operational areas, including Test Maturity, Test Practices & Test Tool usage.
  • A snapshot showing where your organization is currently positioned according to the TMMi scale.

CX Guidance


4-Week Engagement

At the end of this Engagement Level, you will receive all deliverables from the CX Assessment Engagement, plus:

  • A guidance plan with resources & deliverables for each stage of your QA testing transformation.
  • A recommendation list & detailed timeline for improving your ranking on the TMMi scale.
  • A detailed recommendation roadmap with specific steps for successful implementation of automated practices.

CX Mentorship

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6-Week Engagement

At the end of this Engagement Level, you will receive all deliverables from the CX Guidance Engagement, plus:

  • Assistance with implementation of automation practices.
  • Best practices matrix for areas requiring improvement on TMMi.
  • Report showing your rank among peers on the TMMi scale.
  • Support for implementation of changes required to the improve placement on TMMi scale.

Or Choose Our CX Managed Services Offering

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For this completely customized Expert Services Engagement Level, Cyara will dedicate a QA Manager to your customer experience ecosystem who will work as a member of your team to incorporate industry best practices, processes, and procedures for QA/Testing and overseeing the adoption of automated testing solutions and Agile frameworks to improve standards, reduce cost, and streamline operations.

At this Engagement Level, you will receive all deliverables from the CX Mentorship Engagement, provided to you by your dedicated Cyara QA Manager who will guide you on your implementation journey to ensure success in achieving optimization on the TMMi scale.

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Then, the Journey to Successful Adoption of Automated Testing Begins

Depending upon your selected level of Expert Services engagement, we’ll begin work involving activities such as initial project discovery interviews, on-site visits, chat sessions, formal reviews, artifact and document analysis, process documentation, and in-depth results reporting and evaluation.

It’s our goal to ensure your team has exactly what it needs for ultimate automated QA testing success within your contact center and CX application operations. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Expert Services Test Automation Maturity Model

How advanced is your organization’s approach to automated testing? Learn how your current level of test automation measures up against best practices, and discover the best path forward with a personalized report and maturity score.

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