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Accelerate CX Quality with Automated, Comprehensive Channel Coverage for Omnichannel Journeys

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Cyara is taking aim at one of the biggest customer service frustrations; the loss of continuity when customers move from one channel to another. Cyara’s omnichannel functionality automates the testing of journeys across channels, including voice, web, chat, chatbot, email, and SMS — all managed and reported within a unified interface.

This omnichannel functionality automates the testing and monitoring of each channel, providing CX teams with an integrated view of consumer-to-agent interactions across customer experiences. For example, in an omnichannel validation, a customer journey designer can test journeys in which the customer dials in to reset their password, and then receives a one-time, private URL via SMS that delivers a web link to complete the password reset.

Cyara’s Omnichannel CX Journey Testing

Cyara Velocity assures cohesion across customer journeys, giving users the ability to test self-service journeys, agent-assisted interactions, and communication pathways with the ease and efficiency of automation. Cyara supports the broadest range of interaction channels, including voice, web, chat, chatbot, email, and SMS.

CX Journey Evaluation

Customer journeys are complex – especially those that involve multiple channels. Cyara provides your development teams with the ability to test-run processes, like agent routing and data passing. Now you can thoroughly test and evaluate journeys that span and hop channels or require call-backs and confirmations to ensure your customers experience smooth sailing at every touchpoint.

Automated Test Case Creation and Execution

Cyara Velocity lets you build your ideal omnichannel customer journeys, then create test scripts directly from those designs. This ability helps you ensure that every journey performs exactly as intended without adding steps to development and delaying deployment. Velocity’s visual interface makes it easy to understand the design, identify potential issues, and then collaborate across your organization to put the finishing touches on your perfect CX.

Cyara’s automated omnichannel journey testing enables you to:

  • Capture, in a single view, all your customer journeys across channels spanning self-service to agent-assisted service
  • Test and monitor customer journeys across voice, web, chat, chatbot, email, and SMS
  • Ensure that information provided by your customers during self-service sessions is correctly preserved during transfer to agents

Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance Platform is the only CX assurance solution that can offer end-to-end, automated visibility and control over your entire customer journey. With Cyara, organizations can do more with less, enabling enterprises to stay customer-centric and deliver steady, flawless customer journeys across digital and voice channels with automated, cost-effective, and agile CX.

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Agero Helps Drivers in Distress with Visual IVR for Roadside Assistance

Automated Omnichannel Journey Testing Assures a Unique Customer Experience

Agero is one of the largest providers of roadside assistance, serving 115 million drivers throughout the U.S. Agero white labels its solutions to major automotive brands, insurance carriers, and financial service companies.

Recently, Agero implemented an innovative, omnichannel capability that spans phone, SMS, and visual IVR. The visual IVR is multi-modal and allows drivers to be connected simultaneously by voice and web. Agero recognized, prior to implementation, that testing and monitoring the omnichannel journey and the multi-modal feature would present challenges, and with drivers sitting on the side of the road in need of help, the company couldn’t afford any mistakes in their delivery of this new omnichannel service.

Extensive Automated Testing and Monitoring of the Visual IVR Experience

Agero selected Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance Platform to thoroughly test and provide 24×7 monitoring of their omnichannel customer journey. Cyara Velocity performed automated testing of each new contact flow, and Cyara Pulse executed day-to-day, “work horse” monitoring to watch over the many points of failure on a 24×7 basis.

With Cyara, Agero is able to:

Automate test script generation and testing

Cyara Velocity automatically creates test scripts for the new contact flows, ensuring that tests cover all paths, end-to-end. Without requiring manual labor or lengthy test development processes, Agero can run automated functional and regression tests regularly, on all contact flows.

Monitor Visual IVR

In omnichannel customer journeys, there are many potential points of failure spanning three channels: voice, SMS, and web.

Continuously, Agero runs Cyara Pulse’s synthetic interactions, monitoring interaction flows from end-to-end and ensuring that all transitions from one channel to the next work seamlessly. Pulse detects if a text does not get delivered, if a web page is down, and if a voice call connection is lost. Pulse performs extensive, 24×7 call monitoring by initiating voice calls through each cloud service and telephony region every minute.

Monitor Specific Client Call Flows

Cyara initiates calls one-by-one to client call flows, to continuously look for issues or errors.

Assure 24×7 Operation Center Site Reliability

When it comes to critical roadside assistance, omnichannel journey testing requires that a wide array of systems all be working properly. Cyara tests and monitors these systems with automation, reviewing call flows, channel transitions, and continuously running test cases. If any fail, they’re instantly retested, and Cyara packages test failure data to include in the platform’s reporting analysis.

Watch the video featuring Agero’s Robert Sullivan, and read the full customer story, Agero Helps Drivers in Distress.


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