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Cyara Pulse Monitors Your Customer Service Lines

Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform

Forrester TEI of Cyara shows ROI of 283%
Forrester TEI of Cyara shows payback in less than 3 months Forrester TEI of Cyara shows time spent on production errors down by 90%

Increase Productivity

Automate testing & monitoring of your contact center technology with a single, intuitive solution

Reduce Costs

Decrease testing time, use testing resources more efficiently & increase self-service containment to reduce demand on agents

Mitigate Risk

Cut out error-ridden, manual processes & expensive downtime

Discovery & Design

Automatically discover your existing IVR applications and collaborate with remote and in-house teams to design customer journeys. Learn More…

Automated Testing

Increase productivity by automating functional, regression, and load testing of your voice and digital contact center systems. Learn about Velocity and Cruncher

Production Monitoring

Proactively monitor your contact center technology from the customer’s perspective, quickly identify issues — reducing risk of downtime and poor-quality CX. Learn about Pulse

How We Do It

A single customer journey depends on a complex set of technology working together. With Cyara you define customer journeys that direct our bots to engage with your systems, testing your network, applications, and even back end data systems. This enables us to identify issues in how the journeys perform, from the customer perspective. And, because we engage with your systems just as a customer would, we work with any contact center platform.

Customer Smiles. Delivered at Scale.

Why We’re Better

Cyara offers the only automated CX assurance platform that spans the entire development lifecycle for your contact center technology, and tests voice and digital channels, as well as self-service through agent-assisted service. Cyara enables Agile and DevOps methodologies with a focus on maximum automation and productivity through ease of use.

Cyara Works with Any Technology Platform

Cyara Assures over 5 Billion Consumer Relationships

4 of the Top 5 Brands in the World

4 of the Top 5 Health Insurance Companies

4 of the Top 4 Credit Card Networks

6 of the Top 12 Property Insurance Companies

Our Customers

In the past we would monitor individual infrastructure components and everyone would have their own responsibility… Bringing that CX monitoring to actually cross many environments… really brought some context to what the customer was experiencing.

— Richie Gass
Sr. Manager, Telephony & Conferencing Services, IT
Blue Shield of California

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Cyara’s test automation has decreased implementation times, increased the test coverage and quality, and given our clients the confidence that their customer experience deployments have the highest level of quality.

— Mark Stallings
Managing Consultant
Forty 7 Ronin

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Cyara’s CX Assurance Platform Is Award-Winning

SIIA CODiE 2020 Finalist for Best DevOps Tool
TMC Customer Experience Innovation 2019 Award
2019 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award
Red Herring Global
Gartner Cool Vendor