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Companies are challenged to ensure that the customer experience across all channels and journeys continuously performs as intended. Customer experience monitoring from the customer’s perspective is a challenge. Channels and journeys might have been tested months ago but there is no guarantee that they continue to deliver the experience that was designed. Even worse customer experience (CX) failures may go unreported for some time as research shows that 96% of unhappy customers do not complain 1.

Many solutions used in contact centers monitor the performance of the underlying technology. But customer experience depends on many different technologies working together, and these solutions cannot tell you if the holistic experience is working as intended. Examples of issues that traditional, infrastructure monitoring solutions cannot identify include: an inability to connect and complete interactions with agents; the quality of the interaction as experienced, whether for voice, web chat, SMS, or email, and; how long it takes agents to respond to chat interactions.

Experience Customer Journeys as Your Customer Does

Traditional customer experience monitoring solutions in the market are passive monitoring systems which give a high-level overview of your CX systems, providing overall performance and reliability. What companies need is an active monitoring system that brings a CX level of monitoring, giving insight from the customer’s point of view.

Active monitoring allows you to experience specific customer journeys in the same way as your customer does. Active monitoring follows the exact journey that a customer takes, for example, calling into an IVR, selecting specific paths, and completing a transaction or transitioning to a live agent. This allows you to gauge the quality of the interaction through a specific journey, whether it is voice, web chat, SMS, or email. Read the Comparing Active and Passive Product Monitoring blog.

What Monitoring Tells You About Customer Interactions

Customer experience monitoring provides insight from the customer’s point-of-view allowing you to know:

  • Whether customers can reliably connect and complete interactions with agents
  • The quality of the interaction as experienced, whether voice, web chat, SMS, or email
  • The overall rating of the interaction from a customer point of view
  • What was experienced by the customer so it can be compared to what was experienced by the agent
  • How long it takes agents to respond to chat interactions
  • The complexity or ease of a chat interaction from end-to-end

Companies need a monitoring solution that proactively identifies issues, gives real-time assessment, and enables comprehensive coverage of digital and voice channels including web, web chat, SMS and email.

Monitoring needs to be continuous so that issues are detected proactively, before customers come across it. It ensures that the customer experience that might have been deployed months ago, continues to perform as designed.

A customer experience monitoring solution needs to be easy to deploy in the cloud, and in production.

Learn about our Cyara Pulse product and read the What Is Monitoring article.

Customer Experience Reporting Dashboard

Companies need a monitoring solution that gives a comprehensive view of CX, makes it easy to identify trends, and has the flexibility in reporting. As more companies deploy digital channels like web chat, email, and SMS, it’s important to be able to see the performance of all channels in a single view. A visual reporting dashboard where trends can be easily seen is important to monitoring CX. Flexibility to create new dashboards is needed as well. Read Introducing Cyara 7.1-Improved Monitoring for Flawless CX and Push Notifications-The Best Way to Get Alerts blogs.

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