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Cyara Platform-Call Routing and Agent Desktop Testing

Cyara Platform:
Call Routing and Agent Desktop Testing

Increase CX Quality All the Way to the Agent

Customer experience must be delivered with perfect execution which means a flawless customer journey delivered all the way to the agent. From answering calls through the IVR, placing calls on hold, looking up account details and getting information from a CRM and many other applications, the agent is the human link that connects your customers to you. A poor agent experience affects the overall customer experience.

Comprehensive Omnichannel Journey Testing Includes Call Routing and Agent Desktop Testing

Cyara examines every channel, including self- to agent-assisted service – scouring journeys from networks, through IT stack, to applications and all the way to agent desktops. Cyara supports the broadest range of interaction channels, including chatbot, email, IVR, routing, SMS, voice, and web chat. Cyara ensures that the transition to the agent is smooth and that the agent has the applications and information to help your customers have the best experience.

Cyara’s Call Routing Testing Enables You To:

  • Test agent call routing by simulating agents and agent activity and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functions
  • Validate that correct information is delivered to an agent
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Cyara’s Agent Desktop Testing Enables You To:

  • Automate and mimic real-life agent interactions and workflows to assure the agent experience
  • Validate application content and behavior, including screenpop contents and application functionality
  • Measure and validate desktop application timing and responsiveness
  • Provide drill-down, out-of-the-box reports

A Well-Known Travel Company Ensures Customer Experience Through Global Call Routing with Cyara

Brand Based on Unique Travel Experiences

The Travel Company operates an online accommodation marketplace with millions of places to stay across the globe. The company offers unique travel experiences, so customer experience is core to the company’s brand.

Challenge to Meet Agile Requirements for Global Call Routing

The company relies on their voice channel to run their business. Global call routing enables access to live agents and when customers need help. For example, when a customer calls, the system recognizes the mobile number, identifies the customer, and knows if the customer is in the midst of a trip and might have an urgent question. Based on this information, the call is immediately routed to an agent that can provide assistance.

The company’s testing of global routing needed to be moved to the Agile methodology which required 100% test automation and 100% call coverage in testing. The development team made changes to global routing 2-3 times a week. With such frequent changes, there was risk of defects going into production. Regression tests needed to be updated and automated. Tests needed to be run within a tight 45-minute window.

Cyara Velocity Ensures Quality and Enables Move to Agile

For the company to meet their Agile requirement for global routing testing, the company turned to Cyara Velocity. Cyara updated tests and automated the entire global routing plan composed of 198 test scripts. Cyara was able to run the full regression suite in less than 35 minutes, below the 45-minute window. The company achieved 100% automation and 100% coverage.

Travel Company’s Results

  • 100% automation of test scripts
  • 100% test coverage
  • 35 minutes to run the regression tests, within the 45-minute requirement

The Cyara CX Assurance Platform executes your complete customer journeys end-to-end, across voice and digital channels, and from self-service through to agent-assisted service. Call routing and agent desktop capabilities are provided through the Velocity, Cruncher, and Pulse solutions. Read Are Calls Getting to the Right Agent in your Contact Center? blog.


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