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Your Advocates, from Account Activation & Beyond

Cyara Customer Success Services

It’s pretty simple, really. When you are achieving your goals, meeting or exceeding your business benchmarks, and seeing positive change within your contact center and across your organization as a result of Cyara’s automated customer experience testing and monitoring solutions, then your successes are ours, too. That’s why we have dedicated a whole division of Cyara to Customer Success, with experts ready to shepherd you along the path to automated CX assurance bliss.

Cyara’s Customer Success Management (CSM) team’s mission is to ensure that you are reaching your desired outcomes and meeting both short and long-term goals while using Cyara to assure your customers receive the quality CX you’ve promised them. From the beginning of your Cyara journey, our relationship focused CSMs will be by your side, making sure that activation, adoption, and optimization of your CX investment is smooth, and that you continue to meet your key success metrics.

Activation & Adoption, with You at the Center


When it comes to you, we think in terms of hands-on collaboration versus product handoff. Working with your CSM, you’ll be treated to personal support and guidance necessary for successful adoption of automated CX assurance technology built to solve the business needs or challenges that sent you searching for solutions in the first place.

Together, we will work through your customer kick-off activities, confirm and validate your objectives and KPIs, and make sure you have the materials and support you need for a seamless onboarding experience.

We’ll make sure there are Cyara subject matter experts inside your organization who can serve as resources for all users. Your CSM will be available for guidance and support at every step of your Cyara journey, and you’ll also have full access to our ever-growing library of documentation, best-practice, use case, and reference materials available in our Knowledge Center, Academy, and Developer Central for self-guided learning.

Looking Beyond the Start Line

At the beginning of any new customer relationship, there is a flurry of activity and learning curves to traverse in order to get comfortable with new technology solutions. Your CSM will be by your side through this activation phase, and we’re also already looking ahead.

Your dedicated CSM will always be exploring ways to approach new projects and solve your challenges. Our Customer Success team is focused on making sure that you are reaching your key objectives, transitioning from manual to automated contact center testing and monitoring, and getting the maximum value from your Cyara investment.

What exactly does that involve? Your CSM will be working with and for you through:

  • Executive Sponsorship & Advocacy
  • Onboarding & Training
  • Success Planning
  • Escalation & Issue Management
  • Operational & Executive Business Reviews
  • Health Checks & Optimization
  • Product Alignment
  • Growth & Innovation Opportunities

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From the Start, Your Dedicated Customer Success Manager Is Focused On:


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  • Capturing & understanding your strategic objectives & outcomes
  • Shadowing your onboarding process
  • Creating your long-term Success Plan
  • Guiding your team through a successful Cyara activation


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  • Tracking progress against your desired outcomes
  • Conducting regular operational & Executive Business Reviews
  • Monitoring the health of your Cyara adoption & use
  • Overseeing escalations & ensuring their resolution


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  • Providing best-practice recommendations
  • Helping you leverage Cyara’s resources
  • Offering ongoing education & product support
  • Driving advocacy activities & becoming your trusted business partner

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