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Focus on the Agent Experience to Assure the Complete Omnichannel Journey

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Companies that lead in customer experience (CX) are favored to win. CX leaders grow revenue faster, outperform the market, and retain more customers.

CX Leaders Grow Revenue Faster 1

Revenue Growth: CX Leaders 17% vs CX Laggers 3%

CX Leaders Outperform the Market 2

Outperforming the Market: CX Leaders 107.5% vs CX Laggers 27.6%

CX Leaders Retain More Customers 3

Customer Retention: CX Leaders 89% vs CX Laggers 33%

But the CX must be delivered with perfect execution which means that the customer-to-agent experience must be flawless.

The whole omnichannel customer journey must be tested including the last link in the chain, which includes the agent routing of the call, data validation, the CTI (screen pops), and the agent desktop. The routing logic needs to be checked to ensure that calls are routed to the correct agent with the skills to resolve the call. The data validation needs to ensure that the CTI infrastructure is operating properly and that the data is complete so that customers do not have to repeat their information.

The agent desktop experience is the process that the agents go through to answer calls and resolve increasingly complex customer inquiries. From answering calls, placing calls on hold, looking up account details and getting information from a CRM and many other applications, the agent is the human link that connects your customers to you. Since agent-assisted calls are more expensive than self-service, the agent is the most expensive link in the customer journey. A poor agent experience affects the overall customer experience.

Companies are challenged in testing the last link in the chain (agent routing and desktop). Traditional manual testing of the agent experience is slow, expensive, and has low testing coverage (about 10%). The accuracy and consistency of manual test results is low because of human error and subjectivity. The increasing number of applications being used makes it difficulty to validate application content, behavior, and functionality.

Companies need a solution that assures that calls and data get routed to the right agent, with the right data, and that the experience is flawless. These capabilities need functional, regression, load testing, and production monitoring.

The solution should:

  • Test the customer-to-agent experience end-to-end
  • Mimic real-life agent interactions and workflows
  • Ensure that the CTI infrastructure is operating properly
  • Ensure that the routing of calls goes to the right agents
  • Validate that correct information is delivered to an agent
  • Measure and validate desktop application timing and responsiveness
  • Reuse test cases for functional, regression, and load testing, as well as monitoring

Agent routing and desktop testing finds defects sooner, increases agent efficiency, reduces labor cost, increases customer retention and revenue, and reduces agent churn. A flawless agent experience leads to a flawless customer experience. Learn about the Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform. Read Are Calls Getting to the Right Agent in your Contact Center? blog.

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