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Load/Performance Testing for CX

Ensure That Your Customer Experience Will Perform at Peak Interaction Times

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Load testing, (also called performance testing), of your customer experience (CX) offerings is key to scalability. Scalability is tied to revenue growth. Load testing determines a system’s behavior under peak load conditions and identifies capacity and bottlenecks. For example, an IVR system needs to be tested to see if it can handle call spikes when thousands of calls deluge the contact center. In an omnichannel world, web chat, email, call back, and other channels could spike at the same time, as well. You need to test and prepare for those scenarios.

Load Testing Benefits

Most of the benefits from load testing are related to scalability. Read What Is Load/Performance Testing.

  • Find scalability problems quickly, without exposing them to their customers
  • Test customer experience at design or emergency traffic volumes
  • Test uni- or bi-directional voice quality at scale
  • Scale to thousands of simultaneous calls and chat sessions
  • Catch weaknesses earlier in their projects to avoid project delays
  • Reduce CX flaws detected by up to 80%

Companies Need Automated Load Testing

Companies need to perform load testing all the time and need an automated solution to create and run the tests. Here are some projects that require load testing.

  • Repeatable and consistent process allows testing to be scheduled at any time
  • System performance baselining
  • Technology refreshes
  • Expansion
  • Outsourcing
  • Introducing new CX offerings, such as, omnichannel journeys
  • Validation prior to seasonal peaks
  • Change assurance
  • Ongoing CX monitoring

Load Testing Customer Journeys Through a Complex System Migration – An Automotive Manufacturer Case Study

A major automotive manufacturer’s need for advanced load and performance testing grew as the technologies for delivering a seamless CX across digital and voice channels became more complex. The move to omnichannel required a sophisticated system migration to session initiation protocol (SIP).

The automotive manufacturer selected Cyara Cruncher to perform load testing. Each step of the customer journey was load tested to see if the steps met thresholds for latency, voice quality, speech recognition, and more. Load testing for IVR menu response times revealed that the design at the database level needed to be fine-tuned around query indexing. The automotive manufacturer quickly made changes, retested, and the response times passed. The company rolled out the new infrastructure to customers with confidence.

Learn about the Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform and the Cyara Cruncher product. Read How Much Does a SEV1 Cost Your Organization? blog.

No Busy Signal for 80,000 Home-Based Consultants at Fast-Growing, Direct Sales Company Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts, one of the fastest growing direct sales fashion companies in the U.S., needed to ensure that their 80,000 home based consultants do not get busy signals when calling their contact centers. The contact centers support important sales orders at the end of the month, from a few thousand calls per day to 10,000 calls per day. As part of their rapid growth, Thirty-One Gifts upgraded to a new SIP-based, (Session Initiation Protocol), contact center routing platform to grow port capacity from 300 to 1000 concurrent calls.

Thirty-One Gifts brought in Cyara Cruncher for load testing the new platform infrastructure to ensure calls were routed successfully and that there was no voice degradation. Thirty-One Gifts was impressed with their results. They resolved 50% capacity restraint, reduced testing lead time from two weeks to one minute, resolved voice degradation issues, and improved its calls-per-second metric. Read the Thirty-One Gifts case study.