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Consulting Services

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If you have the need for speed and quality, you have come to the right place. Find the right consulting service for your CX project. Our experts can work with you, perform services for you, or provide on-site advice.

Consulting Services to Propel Every Stage of Your CX Assurance Journey

1. Technology and Strategy Planning, 2. Activation, 3. Optimization

1Technology and Strategy Planning

Cyara’s Domain Consulting team harnesses the expertise from Cyara implementations and our own industry and technology background to share with select, strategic customers. The engagements are custom-designed and provide complete strategy-to-execution best practices. The engagements are outcomes-driven and collaborative with your team.

The engagement scope is tailored to your specific CX goals and projects, which can include:

  • Practical recommendations on CX innovation across Process, Technology, and Teams (Value Stream Mapping)
  • End-to-end CX assessment, from initial requirements to production operations
  • Agile and DevOps transformation applied to CX innovation and delivery
  • CX best practices
  • Cyara product expertise and experience

Domain Consulting’s engagement process is designed to be a “light touch” for you, requiring only 12-15 hours per area and three on-site meetings. The engagement process is structured to identify the best practices for your CX project.

The primary deliverables of the engagement are the Strategic Roadmap, supplemental detailed guide, and where mutually defined, the Business Value. The Strategic Roadmap provides actionable, best practice recommendations for your CX project. The Roadmap is broken down into four areas with actionable steps that drive CX: Monitoring, Development, Testing, and Other Activities.


Go with a Fast Start Package to gain quick wins and realize the value of Cyara. A Fast Start Package is an expert service that works with you through the steps of discovery, requirements validation, deployment planning, training and enablement, and applying learnings to your environment. You will learn the best practices that we have developed through our many years in CX assurance.

Fast Start Package

Get up and running quickly with the help of our expert service. Whether you are using Velocity to automate functional and regression testing to meet your Agile sprint timelines, perform discovery to document your IVR for a cloud migration, or create CX models for your CX design, we help you to accelerate your project.

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Fast Start Package

Learn to perform ongoing load and performance testing and optimize your use of Cruncher. Ensure the operational performance and results from your testing.

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Fast Start Package

Get going with your CX monitoring. Learn how to effectively set up alerts, dashboards, analytics, and reporting. Ensure the operational performance and results from your CX monitoring.

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Project-Based Load Testing Service

Get going with your load testing to prove the performance of your CX initiatives. Let Cyara work with you to plan, prepare, run, and report on your performance needs. A Cyara expert will do the work required to ensure that your system will be fully capable of handling the load that it was set out to sustain.

Optimization Service

This service provides a health check on your Cyara Pulse solution after you have been up and running awhile. An expert works with you to discuss your monitoring objectives, business environment, and resources. The expert reviews alerts, executive dashboard, test cases, campaigns, monitoring schedule, and reports, to ensure that you are using best practices. With the analysis of your CX monitoring you will learn about trends, issues, and gain visibility into your operational performance. The service will ensure that you make the most of your Cyara Pulse solution.

Integration Service

To accelerate development and realize the synergies in your software development technologies, integrate Cyara with other technologies. Integrate Cyara Velocity to IT incident management solutions to share Cyara test cases to enable rapid response and reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). Integrate Cyara Pulse to your IT monitoring solutions to facilitate troubleshooting. Integrate Cyara Velocity to your defect tracking solutions to facilitate continuous testing and rapid iteration. You can integrate to your Agile, DevOps, or IT apps. Common apps include Jira, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Splunk, and Twilio.

This service provides an expert to integrate to another solution for you. The service includes:

  • Installing the Cyara Integration Hub components
  • Creating an integration strategy based on business goals
  • Assist in creating custom integration scripts

Learn more Cyara integrations for Agile transformation, DevOps adoption, and CX operations.

Test Manager Service

This offering provides a full-time, on-site consultant to work with you to lead a team, improve product quality, enable structured testing process and tools, and manage the stress of fixing defects before products are shipped. The test manager’s role and responsibilities are to lead a team to:

  • Develop a test strategy and plan
  • Develop test cases
  • Lead a team to execute test cases
  • Manage defects uncovered
  • Report on testing progress
  • Obtain sign-off on the testing phase
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