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Enable Seamless Customer Journeys across Voice, Web, Chat, Chatbot, Email, and SMS

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The world has gone omnichannel. Today customer-centric companies are delivering differentiated experiences across multiple channels such as voice, web, chat, chatbot, and email and SMS. Forty-four percent of customers in Deloitte’s Global Contact Center Study are using 3-5 channels and 22% are already using 6 or more channels.1

Customers want a consistent experience across channels. When customers view a company, they see one company, not different channels. Companies need to do the same and view customers holistically regardless of how many channels the customer engages. Seventy-five percent of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage (e.g., website, social media, mobile, in person).2

Companies are now offering innovative omnichannel journeys across voice, web, chat, chatbot, email, and SMS. Examples include:

  • Web to web chat for self-service to assisted service interactions
  • IVR to live agent phone calls for self-service to assisted service interactions
  • Live agent call to SMS (with a verification code) for secure transactions, such as, two factor authentication
  • IVR call to SMS (with a web link) to web for secure transactions requested by phone, such as, a password reset
  • Web to outbound live agent phone calls for website callback requests

But offering omnichannel journeys is not enough to satisfy customers. The journeys need to be flawless. According to PwC, “by 2020, the demand for an omnichannel customer experience will be amplified by the need for nearly perfect execution.”3 The only way to assure perfect execution is through testing. But companies are challenged to exhaustively test omnichannel journeys. Companies have legacy siloed channels with legacy siloed tests that need to be cobbled together into a single journey. Exacerbating the difficulty is the fact that some tests are still done manually.

Automated Omnichannel Testing

Companies need automated omnichannel testing that takes the customer’s perspective along the omnichannel customer journey. Companies need a solution that performs the following types of tests for voice (IVR and live agent), chat, chatbot, email, and SMS channels.

Omnichannel Functional Testing

This capability validates the functionality of the omnichannel journey and the interoperability of the channels and devices used. This capability takes legacy, siloed test cases and orchestrates them into a single test case with integrated results, spanning a journey across multiple channels.

Omnichannel Regression Testing

This capability retests the functionality around any code that has changed in any channel in the omnichannel journey. It takes applicable test cases used in functional testing and groups them into regression tests to be run whenever code changes are made.

The only way for companies to deliver omnichannel journeys with perfect execution is to use a solution that performs automated omnichannel testing.

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