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What is the True ROI of Chatbot Test Automation

Infographic: What is the True ROI of Chatbot Test Automation?

See how much manual chatbot testing is really costing your organization. Compare testing time, resources required, and up-front vs. long-term return on investment in this infographic.

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Storylane Botium product tour tile

Product Tour: Cyara Botium Security Testing

Take this clickable tour to see how digital CX development team members like Trevor can leverage Botium to easily ensure that their chatbot passes security tests with flying colors and mitigate the risk of releasing non-compliant conversational AI technology to customers.

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How To Improve your chatbot with test automation banner with cyara logo and Webseminar logo

Webinar: How to Improve Your Chatbot with Test Automation

Join Christoph Börner, Senior Director Digital, Cyara in this webinar where you will learn how to get started with automated chatbot testing; why it’s important to maintain quality assurance throughout the chatbot lifecycle; what tools, techniques, and metrics to include in your testing strategy; and how to improve the quality of your NLP model by testing.

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Building Smarter Chatbots-Quality Testing

eBook: Building Smarter Chatbots – How Quality Testing Conversational AI Delivers Better Customer Experiences

Maximize the ROI of your chatbot technology and create the kind of interactive self-service experiences that win customer loyalty. Here's how quality testing of both functional and non-functional features plays a key role in improving chatbot performance.

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Customer Story: Electrolux More than Just Cloud CX

Electrolux is one of the largest appliance manufactures in the world, selling over 60 million household products in more than 120 markets each year. With a business of this scale and scope, delivering a consistent, reliable customer experience is a massive challenge. Issues are inevitable. Learn how Cyara and Genesys were able to deliver a complete CX overhaul for one of the world’s leading household brands.

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Money, Finace, Banking

Customer Story: One Step Ahead in Enhancing the Customer Experience

One of Canada’s largest banks has grown with Cyara, evolving from performance and stress testing to proactive problem detection. Working together, engineering and customer engagement teams have integrated Cyara Pulse into a holistic, unified dashboard that enables all contact center operations to be managed from a single screen.

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The Value of Automated Chatbot Testing Webinar banner with TMCnet logo and Cyara logo. Includes illustration of robot watching screens

Webinar: The Value of Automated Chatbot Testing

In this webinar, Christoph Börner, Senior Director Digital, Cyara answers commonly asked questions about chatbot testing including why bots fail, what you should be testing, how you can test most effectively – and of course, "can we automate this?"

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Forrester Webinar May 2022

Webinar: A Framework for your Digital Transformation, Featuring Forrester

To keep pace with customer expectations and the competition, businesses need to approach their digital transformation by modernizing their application development processes. In this webinar, featured speaker Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester introduces Forrester’s Modern Application Development Model (MADM) and explains how MADM provides a framework for digital transformation initiatives.

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Navigating the New Normal Call Center

Webinar: Navigating the New Normal for Call Centers with McIntosh & Associates

McIntosh & Associates, one of the leading call center consulting firms, joins Kelly Zunker from Cyara to explore ways to successfully navigate some of the most sophisticated issues facing today’s contact centers, including managing at-home agents to ensure a quality customer experience.

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Botium-Testing Conversational AI

White Paper: Testing Conversational AI – The Challenge

In this white paper developed by Botium experts, learn about the six integration points for chatbot test cases, and the challenges associated with various testing scenarios.

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Essential Guide to Chatbot Terms

Glossary: Essential Guide to Common Chatbot Terms

The world of chatbots is full of specialized concepts, and you’ll need to understand some basic terminology to navigate this new landscape. This guide will help you gain your footing and understand a few of the most common chatbot terms you’ll encounter.

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Cyara Botium datasheet

Datasheet: Cyara Botium

Meet Cyara Botium, the only automated chatbot quality assurance solution that offers value at every stage of the chatbot life cycle.

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Infographic-Chatbot or Chat Not

Infographic: Chatbot, or Chat Not?

Customers love chatbots, as long as they work as intended. Improve customer experience and avoid #ChatbotFails with conversational AI.

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Minimize Risk with Cyara Botium

Product Demo: Minimize Risk with Cyara Botium

In this short video, learn how Vice President of Digital Experience, Jeffrey, has minimized GDPR compliance and security risks by leveraging Cyara Botium, the only end-to-end, automated chatbot testing and monitoring solution that provides value in every stage of the chatbot development lifecycle.

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Maximize Value with Cyara Botium

Product Demo: Maximize Value with Cyara Botium

In this brief video, learn how Sally, head of Digital Experience at her company, has maximized the value of chatbot and conversational AI technology while reducing the cost-to-serve, improving containment, and increasing customer satisfaction with Cyara Botium, the only end-to-end, automated chatbot testing and monitoring solution that provides value in every stage of the chatbot development lifecycle.

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Product Tour-LiveVQ - At-Home Agent Experience

Product Tour: Cyara LiveVQ – At-Home Agent Experience

Click through this product tour of Cyara LiveVQ! With real-time, continuous monitoring and diagnostics of voice quality metrics, LiveVQ helps you deliver flawless CX by providing IT with automatic alerts that display actionable, live call and connectivity data, driving faster root-cause analysis and resolution, and helping IT get agents back to taking calls, serving customers, and making sales.

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Buildings with Bank marquee, sunburst

Customer Story: Removing Roadblocks to Seamless Customer Interaction

For this organization’s customers, convenient and seamless access to the bank’s financial expertise is critical for success. That’s why their team developed a strategy for reinventing the customer experience by going digital by design. Learn how Cyara helped this Global Bank improve its CX to provide an effective digital experience.

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Cyara + Carahsoft webinar: Building Trust in Government by Assuring as Flawless Constituent Experience

Webinar: Building Trust in Government by Assuring a Flawless Constituent Experience

Join Cyara and Carahsoft for this insightful, interactive webinar to learn about assuring the quality of your CX, so you can build trust with the constituents.

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