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Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform

Accelerate CX testing, increase quality across digital and voice channels, and assure omnichannel customer journeys end-to-end.

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Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform

Cyara Platform and Products: Velocity, Cruncher, Pulse

Cyara Velocity

Connect the CX development lifecycle (waterfall, DevOps, or Agile), from design through functional and regression testing, and rapidly innovate your CX while assuring quality

Cyara Cruncher

Test your systems at scale with load performance testing. Assure they function as designed at peak performance.

Cyara Pulse

Perform customer experience monitoring. Identify issues, troubleshoot problems in real-time, and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Key Differentiators

Most Comprehensive CX Assurance Platform

Support the broadest CX assurance needs design through functional and regression testing to performance testing and production monitoring.

Maximum Automation

Increase CX quality by maximizing automation around testing and monitoring, including automated discovery of your current CX, and automated test script creation and maintenance

Easy to Use

Intuitive interface for building test scripts – no coding required – and ability to share test scripts across the assurance lifecycle

Platform Screen
Platform Screen

End-to-end Testing and Monitoring

Assure journeys comprehensively from self-service through to agent-assisted service, and even assure the agent desktop experience

Global In-Country Dialing

Make synthetic local calls across the globe to identify voice quality issues, test carrier connectivity, and toll-free number routing. Read more.

Test Omnichannel Journeys

Assure journeys in the widest array of voice and digital channels, including IVRs, agent routing, web, chat, chatbots, SMS and email, and journeys that span and hop multiple channels. Read more.

CX Assurance from the Outside-in

Simulate real-world customer interactions to assure journeys as your customers would experience them

Learn more about Platform Capabilities.


Faster Time To Market
Faster Time Per Test
Test Coverage

How the Cyara CX Assurance Platform Works

The Cyara Platform generates real-world traffic coming into the contact center, placing interactions from the phone (IVR), web, web chat, SMS, email or other channels, as though they were from a unique customer with a unique customer journey.

Comprehensive functional and regression testing is automated. Companies can rapidly generate journeys during development that are used throughout the testing lifecycle to mimic real customer interaction. These journeys are used to automatically test the functional accuracy of the solution, and after rework or enhancements, to ensure the entire application is functioning as designed.

Performance load testing is done at scale. The existing journeys can be utilized to generate actual interactions that represent the busiest times in the contact center. The interactions are generated from the Cyara Cloud to produce the intended stress level on the system.

Production monitoring from the customer’s point of view is available. Test scripts can be used to facilitate thorough monitoring of deployed systems and in the automated regression testing of applications after changes.

The Cyara Platform can enhance the validation of the customer experience

  • For calls, dynamically blending various background noises to emulate actual customer calling environments (café, automobile, night club or sporting event)
  • For calls, test voice quality from customer to agent and from agent to customer
  • Integrate the testing management to third-party tools, e.g., Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Test digital channels, such as, web interactions, web chat, SMS, and email.
  • Test agent handoff, ensuring that the customer data through CTI is available and the agent desktop is performing
  • Test implementations of voice biometrics, both enrollment and subsequent authentication

Platform Capabilities

Cyara Accelerators for Cloud Migrations

Speed up your contact center cloud migration and take advantage of your new, modern infrastructure while assuring flawless execution.

Call Routing and Agent Desktop Testing

Call Routing Testing

Simulate call routing and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) infrastructure to test screen pops, data dips, and routing to ensure that calls are being sent correctly to available agents, with the correct data. Test call routing before changes go into production. Read Are Calls Getting to the Right Agent in your Contact Center? blog.

Agent Desktop Testing

Create synthetic agent interactions and workflows to measure, validate, and refine application content delivery and behavior. Ensure that desktop application timing and responsiveness is performing.

See Call Routing and Agent Desktop Testing.

Global In-Country Dialing

Test toll-free numbers for voice quality and personalization across the many countries that you support by generating the call in the local country. Cyara generates local calls across the globe so you can:

  • Monitor toll-free numbers to ensure customer journeys end-to-end
  • Identify voice quality issues by monitoring through locally generated calls
  • Perform in-country functional testing to ensure all your IVRs and agent routing rules work, including advanced features like personalization, by ensuring ANI/CLI is delivered accurately through the local network

Learn more about Global In-Country Dialing or read the Introducing Global In-Country Dialing blog.


Accelerate DevOps software development and assure the quality of CX with Cyara integrations. Integrate Cyara Velocity test cases, CX models, and campaigns with the different types of DevOps tools.

  • Test Management Tool – Cyara ALM Adapter
  • Continuous Integration
  • Configuration Management and Change Management
  • Agile Lifecycle Management – Velocity integration to Jira

Enable stronger IT monitoring and IT ticketing with Cyara integrations and Cyara REST APIs.

  • IT Monitoring – Pulse integration to Splunk
  • IT Ticketing System – Pulse integration to ServiceNow and PagerDuty

Easily integrate to Micro Focus ALM software with the Cyara ALM Adapter. See Integrations and the Cyara ALM Adapter data sheet.

Omnichannel Testing

Execute true omnichannel customer journey testing to ensure a seamless customer experience across channels. Cyara Velocity takes the customer’s perspective in testing across voice, web, chat, chabot, email, and SMS channels. Velocity orchestrates what were once separate test cases for different channels into a single test with integrated results, spanning a journey across multiple channels. Types of omnichannel testing includes: omnichannel functional testing; omnichannel regression testing; and, the automation of running omnichannel tests. See Omnichannel Testing.

Voice Quality Testing

Ensure the voice quality of a call from the customer’s perspective. Test for voice quality between a customer and an IVR, and between a customer and a live agent. Contact center technical environments are complex so there are many sources of voice quality issues. Cyara Velocity enables voice quality testing at every stage of the development lifecycle, including functional and regression testing. Cyara Cruncher enables voice quality load testing to make sure that voice quality does not diminish during high call volumes. Cyara Pulse monitors voice quality on an ongoing basis. See Voice Quality Testing.


Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform

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