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Accelerate CX development, increase quality across digital and voice channels, and assure customer journeys end-to-end

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Platform Omnichannel

Cyara CX Assurance Platform

Platform Cloud Velocity Cruncher Pulse


Connect the CX development lifecycle, from design through functional and regression testing, and rapidly innovate your CX while assuring quality


Test your systems at scale to assure they function as designed at peak performance


Monitor your CX and identify issues, troubleshoot problems in real-time, and deliver the best possible customer experience


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Key Differentiators

NEW! Global In-Country Dialing

Make synthetic local calls from over 65 countries across the globe to identify voice quality issues, test carrier connectivity, and toll-free number routing. Read more.

Most Comprehensive CX Assurance Platform

Support the broadest CX assurance needs design through functional and regression testing to performance testing and production monitoring

Maximum Automation

Increase CX quality by maximizing automation around testing and monitoring, including automated discovery of your current CX, and automated test script creation and maintenance

Easy to Use

Intuitive interface for building test scripts – no coding required – and ability to share test scripts across the assurance lifecycle

Platform Screen
Platform Screen


End-to-end Testing and Monitoring

Assure journeys comprehensively from self-service through to agent-assisted service, and even assure the agent desktop experience

Test Omnichannel Journeys

Assure journeys in the widest array of voice and digital channels, including IVRs, agent routing, web, chat, chatbots, SMS and email, and journeys that span and hop multiple channels

CX Assurance from the Outside-in

Simulate real-world customer interactions to assure journeys as your customers would experience them


Faster Time To Market
Faster Time Per Test
Test Coverage
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