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Cyara Platform-Global In-Country Dialing

Cyara Platform:
Global In-Country Dialing

Test and Monitor with Locally Generated Calls

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To engage with your customers who live all over the world, your contact centers need to be able to deliver flawless customer experiences globally. But how do you assure the quality of your toll-free numbers, voice quality, and IVRs in different countries? Testing cannot be done adequately by dialing over international circuits. Generally, to assess the true quality of a toll-free number or IVR, calls need to be made locally. This requires teams in every country you support, and if you don’t have the resources to meet that requirement, you can’t test toll-free numbers, voice quality, and IVRs for international calls. You risk delivering a poor customer experience.

Cyara is able to generate local calls across the globe. With this power, you can:

  • Increase productivity through the automation of international call testing
  • Improve quality faster through increased test coverage of toll-free numbers which identify voice quality issues and ensure customer journeys end-to-end
  • Mitigate the risk of poor customer experience by automating testing and running pre- and post-production testing

How Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing Works

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing initiates a call from our cloud, routes it through a carrier network, and presents the call as if it were local. Global In-Country Dialing is part of Cyara’s comprehensive Automated CX Assurance Platform that enables companies to build better customer experiences faster. The Cyara Platform supports the entire CX software development lifecycle, from design to functional and regression testing, user acceptance testing, load testing, and production monitoring.

With Cyara, you can monitor voice quality bi-directionally from the customer to the agent, and the agent to the customer. The Cyara Platform also supports load testing that assures your global numbers function at scale. We support functional and regression testing, IVR script testing, agent routing testing, and testing of chat, chatbot, email, and SMS — all performed as if they were local calls.

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing solves the challenges you face when testing and monitoring the quality of interactions for calls outside the country.

Global In-Country Dialing Use Cases

Use Case #1
Test Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs)

Challenge: Toll-free numbers cannot generally be reached when calling over international circuits.

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing: Initiate calls through Cyara’s cloud, route them through carrier networks, and present the calls as if they were local.

Use Case #2
Monitor Voice Quality Around the World

Challenge: Typically, voice quality is not accurately represented over international circuits due to complex and least-cost international routing.

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing: Precisely replicate the voice quality of customers dialing locally.

Use Case #3
Personalization Testing

Challenge: Call personalization is often driven by ANI/CLI. To accurately test realistic scenarios, the ANI/CLI needs to be presented as a local number, which cannot be transmitted reliably over international circuits.

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing: Accurately transmits ANI/CLI, enabling businesses to test complex personalization scenarios before rolling them into production.

Use Case #4
Load Testing

Challenge: Complex and least-cost international routing leads to inaccurate load testing.

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing: Automatically performs the load testing of calls generated locally. The testing accurately evaluates call latency, connect times, and call quality which are the essential elements of flawless CX.

Cyara’s Global In-Country Dialing Can Help You

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