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Employee Profile-Kristen Dome

Kristen Dome

Being able to work with such a diverse group of people from all over the world has been wonderful. You learn something new every day!

Employee Profile-Hermy Tak-Williams

Hermy Tak-Williams

It’s a great culture - always at the forefront of making sure they are moving with the times. There is respect from all colleagues/management to empower you to do your job.

Employee Profile-Yazad Gandhi

Yazad Gandhi

For me the sense of purpose is when the company and I move together in alignment. I’ve recently been promoted from a Senior SDET to Technical Lead for Quality Assurance. I guess that says it all.

Employee Profile-Adam Llewelyn

Adam Llewelyn

The focus on actively supporting and investing in employees is rewarding as is the openness of all the employees from the top down – it’s refreshing – everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves and deliver.

Employee Profile-Janet Steinhaus

Janet Steinhaus

Pitching new initiatives is encouraged and accepted at Cyara. It’s incredibly empowering when you pitch a new initiative and your leader responds with “that’s a great idea - do it!”

Employee Profile-Sam Chilvers

Sam Chilvers

Being given the freedom to carry out my role in the way I want, but also having the support of a great team, Manager, and company so I feel comfortable and confident.

Employee Profile-James Sansom

James Sansom

Here at Cyara work/life balance is important and that starts at the Executive level and works its way down to my direct Manager.

Employee Profile-Ernie Cote

Ernie Cote

We’re adding big brands left and right; delivering value so customers are happy, and we have a People-First culture - a place where you can speak your mind, be treated respectfully, know your work is appreciated, make money and have a work-life balance.

Employee Profile-Tyler Zenon

Tyler Zenon

We’re empowered to bring change to our customers and drive to make Cyara better and maintain the culture. Leadership challenges us to do what’s right and make a difference that drives my purpose daily.

Employee Profile-Nancy Bergantzel

Nancy Bergantzel

As a technical professional I feel like my work/life balance at Cyara is something I have never realized in my career. There is not a pressure that makes me anxious about life getting in the way of my job. I know if something were to come up with my family that I need to take care of, my team and Cyara are there to support me.

Employee Profile-Carol Wyatt

Carol Wyatt

If you are obsessed with customer satisfaction, are willing to work hard, are respectful of others and can laugh at yourself on occasion, you’ll fit right in.

Employee Profile-Zahid Nisar

Zahid Nisar

Cyara has helped me to acquire additional technical skills as well as soft skills required for people-to-people interaction. I’ve learned some of the practical skills required to work on SaaS-based products and I’m continuously encouraged to improve my skills in both in back-end as well as the latest front-end frameworks across Angular and React.

Employee Profile-Avita Fernandes

Avita Fernandes

Having started as an Intern and progressing to full time work, I’ve learned a significant amount at Cyara. Being my first experience in the industry I’ve learned how to work well with different teams, problem solve, manage my time and much more.

Employee Profile-Dan Haynes

Dan Haynes

Cyara has a workplace culture that I haven’t seen anywhere else, it revolves around empowerment.

Employee Profile-David Inglis

David Inglis

We have an amazing solution suite here at Cyara and for me, it’s all about ensuring that our internal teams understand the positive impact and value that Cyara can bring to the great brands we work with.

Employee Profile-Sofia Valdes

Sofia Valdes

Everyone at Cyara plays a huge role in how we grow and progress as a company. There is visibility in the work you do, and your actions can make a huge impact!

Employee Profile-Andrew Schadendorff

Andrew Schadendorff

For me, Cyara is culturally very supportive and a place where I am trusted with the freedom to spread my wings.