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IVR Mapping is Critical to Rapid IVR Development

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is experiencing a resurgence, but this is not your father’s IVR. IVR systems are being updated with advanced speech recognition software and artificial intelligence software (AI) and other technologies for self-service. IVRs will be taking a big leap forward to be transformed by conversational interfaces and AI to become “intelligent IVRs.” Customers prefer to speak naturally vs. the directed dialogue style of older IVRs. APIs to Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant are bringing natural language within reach for companies. The market for IVR software is on a trajectory from $3.7 billion in 2017 to a projected $5.5 billion by 2023, according to Research and Markets.

Companies are under pressure to differentiate through customer experience and add new capabilities to IVR software. But IVR updates cannot be made if there is no documented IVR map to use as a reference point. Creating IVR maps manually is time consuming and resource-intensive. It requires development or QA personnel to call into an IVR, methodically take each path, and document the voice prompts heard. Without the documented mapping, updating an IVR is risky.

Automated IVR Discovery and IVR Testing

As an IVR best practice, organizations need a visual map of the IVR as a reference point. Teams collaborate better when they can visually see the IVR design. Companies need an automated IVR discovery solution to create an IVR map before design changes are made. A current IVR map reduces the risk of defects and regressions. After IVR changes are made, keeping an IVR map up-to-date is another challenge. The only way to get ahead of the curve is to have a tool that automatically updates the IVR map so that it is always current.

With the increased functionality and complexity of conversational IVRs, there is an increased need for IVR testing. Once an IVR design is created, and documented in a map, organizations need a way to automatically create and update test cases. Complex customer journeys — ones that incorporate conversational interfaces, as well as span multiple channels — expand the scope and complexity of test cases. The ideal scenario is for test cases to be automatically created during design. Functional, regression, and load tests need to be automatically updated based on the CX models created in the design process. Automated IVR discovery and IVR testing are crucial to rapid IVR development.

Automated IVR Discovery Increases Test Case Development – A Government Agency Case Study

A large government agency in Australia pays $148 billion in entitlements each year, on behalf of partner agencies, which is around 11% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. The department also answers 220,000 customer calls a day. As the department shifts to delivering more self-service options (online, via mobile devices and in other ways), the work that the agency’s employees do will change. As a part of the shift to self-services, they used Cyara’s Velocity product for automated IVR discovery, to create maximum test coverage and minimize risk. Evidence shows a 30-50% improvement in the pace of test case development. Learn about the Velocity product and read the Velocity data sheet.