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Web Chat and Callback for Agent Assistance

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Web interactions are growing at a rapid pace as customers go to company websites first to get information and make transactions. Self-service is a key driver of this behavior as Gartner predicts that customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a company without interacting with a human, by 2020. Fifty percent think that it is important to solve product or service issues by themselves.

But when customers cannot get tasks done on their own they seek live agent help through an assisted service channel and web chat is becoming the most popular one. Web chat is where a customer interacts with a live agent through text, on a company’s website. Web chat is expected to grow as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months as customers prefer to interact on the web rather than calling and waiting on hold. Thirty percent of customers and 62% of mobile customers expect a web chat capability on a company website, according to Customer Think.

Another type of web interaction with high usage is “callback.” Callback is the feature where customers who call in and are in the queue for an agent, are given the option to maintain their place in the queue and have the system call them back. Seventy six percent of customers feel that offering a callback or virtual hold alternative is “very or somewhat important,” according to the CFI Group.

With high customer usage of web chat and callback, companies are challenged to assure that the customer experience CX of these interactions are flawless. Both web chat and callback are technologies must be integrated and tested in a contact center infrastructure.

Web Chat Testing to Ensure Easy Access to Agent Assistance

When customers use web chat, they likely have already been through self-service so the web chat interaction is already an escalation. If there is a CX issue, it may exacerbate an already frustrating experience for the customer.

Monitoring Chat Interactions From the Customer’s Perspective

Web chats need to be emulated to provide day-to-day monitoring of web chat performance. Learn about CX Monitoring.

Functional and Regression Testing

As features and routing rules change in your chat system, you’ll want to test those to make sure they work as intended before rolling them out to production. Learn about Functional Testing and Regression Testing.

Performance Testing of CX for High Volume Traffic Scenarios

Simulated chat tests run at high volume are needed to prepare companies for unexpected traffic increases. Learn about Load Testing.

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Callback Testing for Vendor Solutions

Companies need a solution to test and monitor callback to ensure that the feature is operating correctly and within the parameters that are set for the system. Callback technology is provided by different vendors so testing solutions need to be tailored for each vendor’s product. Some technologies are driven by business rules that trigger when the system should interact with callers. The business rules need to be tested at the thresholds that trigger interaction. Outbound calling at the customer-committed times must be tested as well. Automated testing is needed to provide the volume of interactions to ensure that callback will perform effectively under a heavy load. Production monitoring needs to be run on a continuous basis to ensure the day-by-day operations of the callback feature.